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D70s or D200


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Jun 20, 2005
Midlands, UK
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Ive decided to get a full on D-SLR. and im torn between the D70s and the newer D200. The D200 is almost twice the price and im just wonderin if its worth it. Ive seen many people use the D70s here and have been very impressed with the results!
My thinkin is to get the D70s, with a really good lense. Im seen this one and am very interested in it, its got lots of good reviews as a all-purpose lens. http://www.digital-cameras.com/acce...assist=on&id=2487&f_c=1&q=&price=0&brands=535
Its got Vibration Reduction as well, which will help a lot when i go to car shows etc.
Any opinions would be much appriciated
for most people looking to buy a dslr, the d50 or d70s will be a wonderful camera. It's the lens(es) and the photographer that make the biggest difference. Any of the Nikon, or Canon.. or whatever.. SLR's are great cameras all capable of taking great shots.

The advantages the d200 has over the d70s that might make it worth the extra money for you are things like partial weather sealing (mostly useful in dusty environments and for the occasional rain drops), improved auto focus/metering, ability to meter with old AI-S lenses, a larger and brighter viewfinder, probably a little better high iso capability, and the 10mp, though 6mp should be more than enough for most people.

The biggest advantage the d200 has over the d70s, imo, is the better build that the camera should have, and the sealing. If I spend $1700 on a d200 I'm going to want it to last me at least 5 years and around 100,000 shots without any issues. The d70 is capable of that if treated well.. but not so much as the d200 should. That said, in all reality I could spend $600 on a d50 body and replace it in two years with another dslr and still spend less money on bodies than if I were to buy one d200. But I'm hoping that the added pro-oriented features of the d200 will make up for that. The sealing would come in handy when at the ocean on a windy day or in our unpredictable weather where it can rain at just about any time.

Personally, if I weren't interested in the better build quality, partial weather sealing, and the larger/brighter viewfinder I'd likely just buy a d70s and call it good. If you've shot with a d50 or d70(s) and think that you're okay with their capabilities then it's probably best to not spend the extra grand or so on the d200. .. IMHO.

When in doubt, buy the cheaper body and spend the rest on good lenses.
im not positive but i think the d200 gets better fps too
which may not sound that important
but it is
oh it is
id have to go D70. ive used my friends and its really impressive. far beyond my Evolt E-300
depends on what you're going to do with the camera.

now that i've learned on a D70s...

if i wanted to upgrade i'd buy a D200 and use hte D70s as a backup body for a telephoto or a fixed focal length body.

but as a good starting DSLR with a multitude of features, you can't go wrong with the D70/D70s

it even has 1/500" flash sync shutter speed!! (even the D2 cameras don't have that, nor does the D200)