Daily Mail accuse Clarkson of Lying about "I can't ride a motorcycle"


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Jan 17, 2007

Jezza in September on bike in UK

Jezza in October on bike in Vietnam

He looked flustered and bemused. He even had to be shown how to get the scooter started let alone keep it standing.

Jeremy Clarkson's professed ignorance of scooters and motorbikes was plain for all to see on last night's Top Gear Vietnam special.

But it appears Clarkson who declared on TV 'I can't ride a bike' and 'It is the only motorbike I've ever had' protested too much as these pictures below show.

For back in September he was seen out and about on a navy Vespa near his Cotswolds home - just weeks before he travelled out to Ho Chi Minh City to film the Christmas episode.

The BBC had no official comment to make on this discrepancy when contacted by Mail Online.

The premise for him fumbling around on the lime-green Vespa in Vietnam's largest city was when he and his co-workers were told to buy second-hand 'wheels' to cross a 1,000 miles of the country.

When he failed to start the scooter, eager onlookers offered the confused presenter tips on how to get going. He paid particular attention when a blonde Australian tourist stepped in to help.

He then grumbled to BBC2 viewers that it was only 'after an hour' that he managed to set off.


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Dec 20, 2004
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Big whoop, he also tried two wheeled vehicles in his Motorworld series as well, years ago :/


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Nov 15, 2008
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Wait. Stop.

Daily Mail Exclusive Story - Top Gear not being factual again

I hear their investigative journalism series about the "Careless Airways" helicopter piano removal service dropping a piano on the second Morris Marina they had is almost ready for print. I'm anxious to see how it turns out, and hopefully they'll get to the bottom of that segment.


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Jul 12, 2005
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The Fail totally ignored the controversy surrounding the destruction of two Morris Marinas, but decide to write about this?

/Hotlinked, and waiting for the Daily Fail article complaining about it


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Jun 30, 2008
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Really? This is what they have to write about at that "newspaper" (if this is considered news I am reluctant to even call it a newspaper)?

What are they trying to accomplish here other than get clicks for talking about Top Gear? Do they really expect Clarkson to have never been on any form of 2 wheels? Do they really expect him to go to a dangerous place like that (traffic wise) with 0 experience on 2 wheels? I am sure that new scooter had electric start and was MUCH MUCH easier to drive than some old vespa. Hell I have a Yamaha R6, and I was still fumbling around on my buddies old vespa kick start can be a pain in the ass at times. Unless they get DMV (or whatever it is there) papers saying the new one is his and not for his kid than they really didn't prove anything. "It is the only motorbike I've ever HAD" not rented, not borrowed, had. And "I can't ride" is just grasping at straws, he didn't mean literally he can't ride he meant he isn't good or comfortable doing it. When I say "I can't bowl" I don't mean I physically lack the ability to bowl, I mean I bowl double digits and get beat by 12 year olds. Than "Clarkson then hammed up his supposed ignorance of bikes, by failing to locate the stand, leaving the bike lying ungracefully on the ground." ... or he is doing the SAME EXACT thing they always do, how many times did they hit James' car when they were in the US the first time? Would that be clarkson "hamming up his ignorance" by failing to properly use the brakes? No, he was trying to be funny.

Nobody has the talent to notice that before they posted it? They don't have editors working there? It's one thing to accidentally let something like "29 people were evacuated" when talking about a building fire but something a simple re-read should have caught goes out? How can they expect to be taken seriously with stuff like that?


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Jun 3, 2006
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I have ridden a scooter and a motorcycle. (at the great insistance of the owners of said bikes)

I know NOTHING about a motorcycle non the less.

All I did was sit on it, give it some gas and stop the damn thing as soon as I could to get off. The happiest day of my life was the day my son's motorcycle was stolen.

So, if I was asked if I wanted to drive a motorcycle a thousnd miles, on horrible roads, I would be saying I do not know how to ride a motorcycle and I couldn't do it too.

Now with that said, I do think Jeremy was "practicing" for the trip he knew was ahead. And just because he did do it does not mean that he likes motorcycles in the least still.

I understand why people like them. I understand why my son liked his. But I know they are one of the most dangerous forms of transport out there. I have seen many accident victims and like I told my son, most of the accidents were not caused by carelessness on the bikers part but by other people, but that does not make the biker less dead or worse, less paralysed.


Oct 30, 2007
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I thought the same thing....Who CARES!!! the fact is that they ridden motobikes 700+ miles across Vietnam which is an amazing feat in itself, considering bikes from the space age decade. Journey on a 4hp Honda Cub people! But then I'm not criticizing Daily Mail (i think its justification served) I'm criticizing the people that refusing the story.

Fact I'm saying is, they risk their lives for such an incredible exposure earned them BALLZ OF IRON!