Dallas Junkyard Runs

Some idiot used wood screws, tape and wire to try to hold a Taurus SHO bumper on a non SHO car, it seems. The attempt was less than successful:

Not only is it a SHO bumper on a regular Taurus, but its a first gen SHO bumper on a second gen Taurus.
Fo SHO! :p
Hm... been most of a year since I updated this thread. Definitely been to junkyards a few times since then.

Well, for the first installment, here's a semi-secret little local Jaguar specialist junkyard that LabCoatGuy discovered through an eBay ad for some Jaguar Milan wheels. He asked me to go look at them and I headed over. Turns out to definitely be of further interest; I'd never heard of them but that was due to a number of reasons: They almost exclusively only do internet/ebay sales, they have almost no dealings with local shops, they run no local advertising and they're in a hidden location that I didn’t know contained any salvage yards (didn't think it was zoned for that).

The 'office' is a converted house overflowing with Jaguar and other parts.

And out back...

The Milans I came to see. The employee there said they get Milans in on a regular basis(!). These are the 'oyster' finish ones.

More than a few scrapped 5 speed Jaguar/Mercedes/ZF transmissions...

They did have a few non-Jags.

I seen them not long after he posted, and I see them now.
I recently found myself back at a Pick N Pull and noticed their "rebuilder lot" area was quite full. I also noticed their current crop of little promotional phrases to the windshields...

Mercury: I'd rather not ask for the key, thanks.
Suzuki: I would only pick you as the next to set on fire as artistic criticism.

Taurus: No, you are not reliable. Unless you mean that you are reliably awful.
Saturn: No, you're awful, you should be burned not saved.

Rather not check the awful out, thanks.

By perfect, do you mean perfectly terrible?

Not taking a family trip in that pile, even if I had a family...

Let's not go home. :p