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Damn nasty racist video


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Jun 2, 2005
*see below*

who cares?

anyone has an opinion on this add :| :unsure: :shock: :? :dunno: :shock2: :think:
That is the most blatant piece of racism I have ever seen.

That's disgusting.
watto said:
That is the most blatant piece of racism I have ever seen.

That's disgusting.

Yeah totally, what the fuck. Whoever made that video should be killed.
That's random more than anything. I don't really understand what the adverts about apart from that last bit, which seems to be rather racist!
I think they're trying to show that even though the toothpaste has a bad appearance, that its good?
Really fucked up way to present it in that manner though :/
I'm surprise that guy didn't get beat up (the second video).
Kip_6666 said:

what about this ^ ?

ooh i saw that before, i actually laughed my ass off when they started running :lol:

another one by the same guy, less funny though
They showed one black guy who happened to be able to climb a pole. If they showed a white guy beating his wife would you say that it was stereotyping all white guys as wife beaters?
No, but they didn't have to show the guy climbing the pole like that either - they could have just had him getting the balloon out of the tree. But they chose to use a somewhat stereotypical image - that's what wrong.
The stereotype they were showing as being wrong was that of black men being bad - adding the stereotype of black men climbing poles was completely unnecessary