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Dead E60 M5

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Nov 11, 2004
Philippines / Houston, TX
"The story is that the company that sold the car let the magazine media borrowed the car for test drive to write their article, but appearantly the media test drivers are bunch of morons that rolled the car many times before it comes to a stop on a tree on the center island."

"The accident happened just few days after it past Taiwanese car inspection. so at the time when accident happened, the car only has temporary testing license plate, and has no insurance on the car.(Taiwanese car insurance is on car, rather than driver like North America).and the accident happened during a magazine road test against E55 AMG."

"The magazine that's responsible for this on the other hand, will have to pay for the car, which worth a bit more than 200k USD. since there car didn't have insurance yet at the time of the accident."

http://img260.imageshack.**/img260/6940/m5accident5jw.jpg http://img260.imageshack.**/img260/8745/m5accident119mj.png
Awww beat me to it!

But this thread has an additional picture and some information.
Damn, all damaged and he left the rear unchanged... Somehow I hoped to see an improved E60.
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