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Re: Deadzone

Cosworth said:
Does anyone know how to adjust the deadzone on the Axes in LFS ??

I'm using the XB360 USB controller and cant figure it out for the life of me !

Can't you adjust the deadzone universally for the controller itself? I use an old Xbox controller and I can set the deadzone using the utility that came with the driver. Then it's set for every game.
Since the origianl Xbox controller wasn't made for PC (it requires a USB adaptor from a source other than Microsoft) the driver and utiltily is made by someone else. So I don't know what kind of driver/utilities MS is offering for the 360 controller. Maybe someone else is making a more customizble utility for it?
This looks to be what you need: A way to get the XBCD driver (the driver I use for the old Xbox controller) to work with the 360 controller:

Of course I have no way to test it since I don't have a 360 controller, but I can tell you that the XBCD driver/utility works perfectly with the original Xbox controller. You can set deadzones. configure axis so you can have the triggers to be pressure sensitive throttle/brake controls, etc.

From what I've read, the drivers that MS is putting out for the 360 controller leave a lot to be desired :?
Been trying this for the last while but I'm having driver conflict errors. I keep getting told that my device won't start, but the MS drivers work perfectly :(



DXTweak only works correctly under Windows 98, Windows
98SE, and Windows Me. DXTweak will run under Windows2K
and WindowsXP however, the deadzone setting will not
persist. Microsoft has acknowledged that there is no
recognized way of setting a persistant deadzone for
Windows 2K and Windows XP.
We are trying to get a fix
for this in the next version of DirectX.