Deciding on a new laptop. Opinions needed!


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Nov 28, 2009
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The US Spec Asus Zenbook Pro UX501 is rather nice. 512GB SSD and a 96whr battery. 4k Display and 960M graphics.

unfortunately most euro variants are just 128GB with 1TB HDD and only the 60whr battery.

it runs around 1600?/USD

if thats not portable enough there is also a Asus Zenbook UX303 with the U variant of Intel CPU's and only up to 940M graphics.
But, again, he'd have to replace his Adobe software at great expense.

It's expensive enough to pretty much lock most people into the platform they chose initially upon purchasing the suite.

He should stick with either fixing his Mac or replacing it with another one.


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Feb 1, 2007
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To be strictly fair, Adobe used to allow you to switch from one to the other when you upgraded for no additional fee - for example, when you paid for the reduced-price upgrade from CS3 to CS4, you could switch from the PC version to the Mac version or vice versa at no additional cost. However, since CS6 was the last stand-alone suite version and Adobe's gone to the software-as-subscription model, this is no longer an option. There's no CS7 to up-and-cross grade to and you don't get much off the CC price if you upgrade to that - and that only for the first year, subsequent years are full price.