Deep Rock Galactic


Jul 20, 2009
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A new game @loose_unit turned me on to and it is quite addicting for some reason. I've been enjoying this for a couple of weeks now. It's on 30% discount at the moment as well.

Basically Mindcraft meets Left 4 Dead. You mine minerals for the mining company while shooting down varying intensities of "waves," surge in cave bugs that come after you. On top of mining minerals, you also have to building an oil mining rig and maintain it because the bugs also will attack it because it makes so much noise. You can either go it alone or play with up to 4 people. You choose which character you want to be, scouter, engineer, driller, gunner. Each person has their strengths and weaknesses that will benefit the team you're with. Also there's different plants scattered about that you can get to build up supplies to make different kinds of beers in the miner lobby's robot maintained bar. :)


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Found some testies on the ceiling.
Randomly there's a bot that has guns and grenades on it called Bet-C. The story goes that this was an early robot to support miners and and substandard wiring that caused cave leaches to eat it and fuck up how Bet-C worked. Due to this, they were abandoned in caves. You will happen upon them and hear a distant beeping. It's a type of boss destruction mission when you happen upon them and wake them up.

TLDR, you kill the leaches on Bet-C, fix the robot when it goes down, and you have a support shooter. Really helpful on the Glyphid Dreadnought missions, especially with the new update that brings about 2 at a time that also a can regenerate the health you shoot away....

When you drink too much at the company bar, the drunkeness stays with you into the mission.


This game is great :)
I blame you for this addiction through and through. I never stopped playing and I am in the 200s of player levels. Doesn't mean I'm good. I still fail at Elite Deep Dives, but I've gotten through a couple...

Nothing is more satisfying than blowing up a bunch of virtual cave bugs and hearing them scream out as they die.
New guns with Friday's update. This is the gunner's homing missile gun. You can steer the rockets after they leave the chamber which is fun. Also dangerous when you're with other players and you point the crosshairs at your teammates.