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Mar 6, 2005
Motor City, Michigan
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We've just found there's not one, but three different biopics in the works on the life of eccentric auto-mogul and accused drug smuggler, John Z. DeLorean. We're told at least one will reach theaters before 2015.

Time Studios and XYZ Films will join Stainless Steel Productions in the race to share the rise and fall of both John Z. DeLorean's personal life and professional career. While previous attempts at making a film were failed due to DeLorean himself wanting to control the project, his death in 2005 at age 80 allowed the filmmakers to proceed full steam ahead. With the help of DeLorean's family and friends, the three film studios will feature everything from his successful GM days, his accused drug smuggling charges as well as everyone's favorite gullwinged DMC DeLorean.

Last biopic (not counting Flash of Genius) I saw was about the Tucker Torpedo, and it was really good. I'm really looking forward to these.

Tucker movie for those who are interested:
I think I have a copy of that one somewhere. Documentaries are good and all, but I prefer these film style biopics better since they usually have a much different take on what happened. Like a first person take on what happened.
Thats it. I'm watching BTTF now. I've been wanting to for a few days, and line pushed the line!
Good choice, Back to the Future it is an excellent documentary.
Alex Holmes, one of the directors of HBO's "House of Saddam," will take the helm of a not-yet-titled film about auto industry maverick John DeLorean, who died in 2005.

The script, which Holmes is developing with co-writer Rob Warr, is based on rights controlled by DeLorean's son Zachary DeLorean, the executor of the DeLorean estate. Additional rights secured by producers include John DeLorean's unpublished memoirs, articles from Fortune and Time magazines and Hillel Levin's book "Grand Delusions."

Holmes and Warr previously collaborated on the BAFTA Award-winning BBC TV series "Dunkirk."

The film will chronicle how the auto executive was caught in an FBI drug trafficking sting and was acquitted on grounds of entrapment.

The film is being produced by XYZ Films, Time Inc. Studios and producer Tamir Ardon.

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An update (or two)

Narrated by Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly), and it has a bunch of effects specialists from the movies. Also will have Kathryn DeLorean (DeLorean's daughter), James Espey (VP of the DMC), some DeLorean owners, and DMC employees.

Theres also this.

I quite like the cast. Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown), Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker), James Tolkan (Mr. Strickland), Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly), Bob Gale (BTTF writer), and pretty much the same bunch of effects specialists.

I'm quite excited for both.
John Z. DeLorean, driving force behind such iconic vehicles as the Pontiac GTO, Firebird and the DMC-12 that bears his name, led an interesting life. He helped jump-start the muscle car era, created a unique stainless steel sports car of his own, was charged with trafficking drugs in an attempt to raise funds for his company and later successfully defended himself against those charges. It's no surprise, then, that Hollywood has been attempting to get a biographical film together that focuses on the charismatic industry playboy. The idea for the film has been floating around for some time now, but we've gotten word that a big name might be cast in the lead role. According to Forbes, George Clooney could be the man destined for gullwing greatness.

Nothing is confirmed and it appears Forbes is merely speculating that Clooney would be the right man for the part based upon a conversation with Stephen Wynne, head of the reborn DeLorean Motor Company. It's certainly not a bad choice, but we're sure you have some good ideas as to who could fill John Z's on-screen shoes. Sound off in Comments and let us know who you think should play John DeLorean in the forthcoming David Permut-produced biopic.

Clooney would be pure awesome in this role.

I think Clooney would be an excelent choice. Definetly seeing this in theaters if it's possible.
Ancient thread, unearthed by construction workers.... but there's a trailer now!

Always reminds me of....

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