Ownership Verified: Der Stig's 2008 Lexus GX470/Toyota Prado/Soccer Mom Mobile

This is a possibility?

Heh, yeah, from time to time, we actually get snow and ice. Amusingly, it was 81° yesterday and the snow/ice may show up Wednesday.

Just got the call from the indy shop.

$1700 worth of work.

Both valve covers leaking and a dead starter.

I had zero desire and time to do these jobs myself, so it'll be worth it.

And apparently my air filter was filthy *flashes back to all the dirt roads and wheeling shenanigans*
Yup, it's right there. Pic from a Tundra, but same motor.

Aye, there's whole lot going on down there - definitely explains the bill. Even the valve cover gaskets look to be a chore.

I dig the OEM engine crane hooks, very thoughtful.
Yeah, definitely more than I wanted to mess with the temps dropping this week.
The steel is really nice, but some of the panels have gotten a little warped in delivery.

I suspect the warping is from the laser cutting, not the delivery. Heat cycling and all that jazz. Luckily it's minimal.
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Got it back yesterday and it threw a code and misfired in the lot of the shop. Needless to say, I was unhappy.

Fortunately, they got it done that day and found that one of the new intake gaskets they installed slipped out and caused the issue. Very pleased with how they handled it and happy to have the GX back.
Nothing new to report here unfortunately. Between crappy weather, travel, and a bout with Corona Light Virus/flu, we haven't had time to even get the skid plate done.

The unexpected $1800 worth of urgent service on it put a damper on my ARB front bumper plans, plus I still haven't heard from the shop about ordering one.

But @Crazyjeeper now has a nice welding table he zapped together and some sawhorses repurposed from a pallet.

Hoping we'll be able to make some time this month to get the skid plate done and start on the rear bumper.
Does that guy on the left also wear his pants with his dick hanging out over his belt?
I'm trying not to judge on hair, I haven't been to the barber since January; my hair is nearing "I should buy a Trans Am T-top" but not yet to "I should buy a VW Transporter and flower decals".
@Crazyjeeper and I had a fun evening. Fortunately it coincided with a cold front rolling in, so we didn't melt to death.

Out with the old.

5 hours later, in with the new

You know you trust your friends when you let them take a death wheel to your vehicle's fenders. I'll let @Crazyjeeper post the chopped off bits ?

Very pleased with how it looks and happy with how smoothly the install went. Yes, my plate is secured by zip ties ?

Unfortunately, we found out that the freshly restored by @Crazyjeeper ™️ Warn XD9000i is too big to fit in the bumper by a couple inches. So I'll have to find an XD9000 (only difference is a non-integrated control pak). That's a $900 item that I don't need right now, so that can wait for a bit.

I still need to finish up the details (stone guard/washer bottle protectors, have the suspension adjusted) and clean up some edges. Down the line/when I have money, I need to figure out fog lights and offroad lights too. Probably going to snap up some Hella roundies.

More to come later this month ?