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Derren Brown - Russian Roulette


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Nov 1, 2004
Hey guys.

I've seen some Derren Brown episodes, and I'm quite fascinated by what he can do ! :shock:

I've read several places on the net, that he'd done a "Russian Roulette", if any of you have got that episode, I'd really to see it.

Thanks :)
this the "physic" guy?

if so, yea he did it live (albeit with a slight delay instead something goes wrong) on UK channel 4 a few years back. he's still alive, so i guess it went well :)
he's still alive, so i guess it went well

Haha yeah he's still alive, and that's the guy I'm talking about. :)

I can't find it anywhere on the net, so I was just wondering if any of you guys had it.
No, but he's got a big special coming up on Channel 4 - I'll see if I can grab it for you, but I can't promise anything.
^thanks a lot overheat it's very nice of you to try and grab it for me :)

I got it - it's the first in a 6 part series called Trick Of The Mind - I haven't watched it yet, but I've managed to rip it and the resultant file size is 130mb. I will up it to Hokie's FTP once I get access, but it will also be on DC on the 5star/1.0 hubs, such as the PdoX hubs.
Thanks Overheat it's very kind of you. But I haven't access to Hokie's FTP either. DC is that download accelerator +? Have you got the possibility of making it a torrent?
DC++ is a P2P program - I really don't know how to make torrents, if someone would guide me then I would else, I'm afraid not.