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Detailed Sateliteimages of Belgium.

Per capita?!

Nah, u lie, i remember reading something else in the guiness book of records.

ah income per capita, well thats one way of looking at it.
uh... that's not Belgium, it's just Flanders (the dutch speaking part of Belgium + our bilingual capital Brussels)

although this is the most important part of the country :mrgreen: (guess where I live)

nice find ;)
Yeah so what does Ned Flanders have to do with this?


Anyway, Flanders (Vlaanderen means pretty much the same as Belgium here)

And, tell someone from out of Belgium you live in Flanders...:lmao:

At first I thought you guys were talking about Ned Flanders, from the The Simpsons :blush:

I'll leave now :p
Viper007Bond said:

AHAHA I did the exact same thing no more than 2 minutes ago. Looked up my old stomping ground in north portland.
jason, if you read Vipers posts again... he said
viper007bond said:
And here's detailed satellite images of ALL of North America!

it just says ALL of north america, not the world ;)