Ownership Verified: Detroit Steel: The CraigB/Dr_Grip 1972 Ford Country Sedan adventure thread

To be fair, Britain and many other European nations will be celebrating basically the same 'holiday' the next day. We just make sure the closest working day is a Federal holiday when the actual day falls on a weekend so people are reminded of the significance of "the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month," all conflicts afterwards and those who served in them - instead of having it vanish into a 'normal' day off.


Wait, different type of eleven. :D
Interestingly 11/11/18, 100 years exactly since the Armistice, falls on a Sunday. Coincidence of course but a fitting one nonetheless.
Sunday? Sunday is the Twelfth.
First parcel is on it's way: Ryan from Blue Top sent out the steering gear. Sadly, Blue Top's location basically is "Fargo"-land and makes Asbury, MO look like the shining capital of urbanization so it'll take some time for USPS to get the parcel to Chicago and then, to Berlin.
Got an e-mail from 'Straya!
Those 3D printers are amazing!
Steering box just arrived. Let's see whether the heads make it in today or tomorrow. Then, it's off to TXL picking up the exhaust...
What's the timeline for getting all these components on the car?
Hopefully before Christmas. Realistically in January. I need to get the Heads and headers on in a day so we can rebuild the steering afterwards without blocking a lift for too long a time. But then building the exhaust will take a while...
All parts arrived!

We had a small unboxing session on Saturday and I am very happy with most of what I bought, but:
Fuck Hooker headers. Such shoddy manufacturing in such a high-price brand-name product. $650 exhaust headers arrived with some of the worst welding seams I've ever seen (including botch-job underbody rust repair) and warped flanges. I do not expect having to haul a brand-name product at that price point straight to an engine builder to get it fixed.
Seriously, fuck them.