Ownership Verified: Detroit Steel: The CraigB/Dr_Grip 1972 Ford Country Sedan adventure thread

Last box from Rockauto was on the porch when I got home tonight. Looks like I will be a busy boy this week getting all these new parts fitted and working. Lucille should be a happy camper.

Dr Grip, congrats to the new car, I love it.
Also, big thumbs up to CraigB for helping Dr Grip!
Got Lucille legal for road use now! I'll spend the rest of the week fitting the new parts and getting her in tip top shape so I can drive her around for the next 6 weeks.
That's awesome! Thank you so much! Looking forward to build pics!
Very much looking forward to this at next year's ringmeet!
At least that ship should have no problem navigating the fording at the entrance. :D
It's been blistering hot here this week, so new parts have only consisted of new license plates, wiper blades, spark plugs and a PCV valve. Though I did load up the family and make the 40 mile round trip into Joplin to get dinner and ice cream.


Parking her is like trying to park my old crew cab Ford truck I used to own, but with smaller mirrors. I do not envy Dr_Grip when trying to park her in Berlin.
He should borrow a Volvo from someone to practice parking. It's a similar experience, but the Volvo might have a worse turning circle.
He should borrow a Volvo from someone to practice parking. It's a similar experience, but the Volvo might have a worse turning circle.
I never had a problem parking my neighbor's Volvo 940... It's all a matter of routine. We'll see how the extra meter in length that Lucille brings will change things.
Lucille looks to have sturdy metal bumpers, I'm sure they're no match for plastic that might get in the way.
Spent some time this evening trying to get the tailgate open. I used a metal bar to manually activate the latch that allows the tailgate to swing an she popped right open!


I confirmed that the motor was getting voltage when the key is turned, so it looks like she will need a motor for the rear window.


I also found the issue of why the rear door handle wasn't operating the gate to swing. Ford made the cam from a very soft aluminum that over the years has deformed, allowing it to not fully engage the latch. Bugger.

Next will be the A/C on Monday, going to pull the lines, replace the old o-rings with R-134 friendly o-rings, put some oil in the system and give it a charge of R-134.
Took her out to the track tonight for an all Ford race. Still is slow, but she is slower still with 3 people riding along.

Also determined that with middle seat still up, you can fit 4 wheels with tires and four more wheels in the cargo area! I still had room for a couple more if needed. This proves with a few dollars in my pocket I'm dangerous when people are letting wheels go for cheap.


Nice wheels! They are for the remaining Fox Body project, I presume?
Both sets are for the doomed* SVO project. But honestly I just bought them because they were cheap. I'm a sucker for cheap wheels.
*actual amount of doom may vary
Oh and I talked with the guy with the big block wagon, he's going to get us a set of steel wheels.
That's great news as well - and makes it three cheap sets of wheels in one night!