Someone Else's Problem: Die Barge von Barking: 2000 Audi S6, or: Can't hear you, my exhausts are so loud!

Dum-di-dum... life is good, spring is here, cruising around with open windows, taking in the soundtrack...

Until: *klick-klack-klickklackklickklack!!*, everytime I drove over an unevenness on the road. Ack.

The hell was that noise? Last time I had such a nuisance it was just the numberplate holder rattling. But after a bit of a search I found a more serious culprit:
The rear brake pad. Hello. A bit loose there, eh?

Altough the pad still had some life left it was quite knackered around the holding points. So out with it and in with a new one:

Much better. Back to undisturbed V8 sound. Life is good.
:blink: Even the most worn-out pads shouldn't have a clearance to make any kinda sounds (system doesn't have any springs to spread them further than disc ). Aaand, judging by the "virgin" marks on the disc, you got some pressure issues on rear brakes. You better check out if the calipers are working (by removing the pads and pumping the pedal, see if pistons move at all), service/repair/replace them and/or/if re-bleed the system (with new Dot 4 fluid, too :p), it might have some air in it, caused by riding with low fluid level.
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I see your exhaust point now after a 500km drive with Moritz.....Annoyingly, the exhaust has a low drone at low revs, which makes it fucking annoying to drive through countries with speedlimits on the highway. Then again, I overtook my friend while doing 210km/h in fourth at 6k rpm and his comment was "I was worried for my windows blasting out of the frames" :p
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^ The large empty wagon space in the back and the fact that the box for the spare wheel under the boot floor is empty will make my car drone for sure, but that drone array is very narrow. - When you drive in heavy traffic too slow for 5th but too fast for 4th for example, like in most cars.
Well well, two weeks ago I took a curb in a bit of stupid angle. I heard a pop from the left front wheel...

"Ouch, that tire is gone", I tought. Stopped and had a look. Nope, all is well. Probably just scraped the inside of the rim.

A few days later the tire went a bit soft, but not really flat. So I gave it some air, and had daily look to see if it came out again.

It did. So, need a new tire then. Went to the shop yesterday, the guy took the wheel into a water tub to have a look where the hole was and:

The air came out of the rim. :blink:

Because that's no scratch, that's a crack! :(

The tire was fine. But now I needed a new S6 Avus wheel. - Just one. - But after some googling in minutes I found a guy who was selling a full set including fat 255er tires for just SFR 250! Hello! :D


The seller had quite the awesome pad by the way, some sort of industrial loft converted into a house, and you could basicly drive into every room. Cool stuff. Minus points for the Banana-Box Hummer tough. :lol:

Shortly after I went to the nearest tire shop and they swapped all 4 wheels, Tadaa!

At the end of all this I now I have a second set of tires and three spare wheels. (The car had none when I bought it). Success!

If someone of you needs two 17 inch original S6 Avus rims, give me a note. The set I bought today was so cheap I give them away for free. tquattro, perhaps?
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Time flies. Already 1.5 years gone together with the S6: 340hp, AWD, dirty V8 bark noise and a boot the size of a flat in Tokyo. What's not to like? - Eh, squeaky brakes. - Yes, the front ones went all the way down to the chirp markers. So the car got into the shop today, and while it's there an engine oil change doesn't hurt (wallet aside of course).

Otherwise we are at 238'000km and it's fine. - Apart from the cosmectics aspect: The rusty rear hatch is by now quite a sight to behold. According to the shop the rear window got replaced somewhere in the cars life by somebody with questionable work ethics. That's the reason why there is only rust near the glass on the rear hatch but nowhere else on the car.

Sure, de-rusting the hatch is doable but that would be be a costly affair because the glass would have to come out first. Or one could replace the whole hatch: A replacement one isn't too dear (found one for 350.-) but the costly workhours it will take to de-and rewire all the electrics are going to add up. So i'm still undecided about that one. - I mean it's only a daily banger not a collectors beauty I want to keep forever...
Text is good, but pictures are better:

Very shiny...

Quite shiny...

Not so shiny. :lol:
I vote for replacing the tailgate, even if it might be against your bangernomic philosophy :) It would smarten up the car so much, since it's somewhat of a luxury express.
I wonder if it would be cheaper for you to drive here and get it replaced here, then drive back home. XD
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1.5 years in the same car? Not willing to throw it away yet? :p
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Replace it!
It's such a nice car...
We are talking about investing 1000.- SFR for parts and labour just to get rid of some cosmetic rust.
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Can you try to find if a local scrapyard has one in the same color?
It's just that in my world, the car is much MUCH MUCH more valuable than those 1000SFR.

Your car would be worth around 18k Swiss Francs here, so replacing the rear hatch wouldn't even be debatable...

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That's crazy. Over here I paid SFR 4500.- in cash when I bought it. Mind you, I just forked out 1000.- for new front pads and disks, some filters, (a lot of) motor oil, and the labour for it. - It's like owning a helicopter. :lol:
But hey, it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. It has such a nice and smooth push, and the V8 bark sound is still glorious and may never get old. :)
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I assume from the pictures in your A4 thread that you went to the professionals too to replace your disks. Are those ?520 just the parts or does that include labour?
Just the parts. The front rotors and pads are a big upgrade over OEM, the rears are basically OEM class as most braking is done at the front.