Someone Else's Problem: Die Barge von Barking: 2000 Audi S6, or: Can't hear you, my exhausts are so loud!

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... that I'm actually gonna shove it through the rigid swiss MOT inspection next month. - Wish me luck!

I got the all important "Prüfungen" date entry (pt. 39) in the car papers!

Which means the car took the big hurdle of the rigid swiss inspection. = Another 2 years of MOT! - Phew! - Granted, the car got rejected first, but since I had already all the control arms replaced in the summer all what was needed was the replacement of some oil seals, a new spring cap under the left rear shocks, and a reset of the airbag control box. Then the car passed on the second visit.

During the check the examiner informed me that the car hasn't been much in winter use by the former owner(s) as there was no rust at the usual places on a Audi S6 at 18+ years of age. - I was happy to hear that.

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I like how the paper template is prepared for six digit displacement :hmm: challenge accepted?
Search for the fault:

Yep, right front coil spring simply gave up on life. - I was waiting on a red light in Zürich when out of nowhere: "Crack!" :lmao:
No further damage. - Both front coil springs are now replaced, and all is well again in Barkland.
Just bring it to Ringmeet. With yourself. It's been too long.
Well hello, another year gone, time to update. - And for sure, the barkwagon is still with me, it's still my every day runabout, and still a hoot to drive. - By now over 20 years old, with 269'000km (167'000mi) on the clock.

About two years ago I got the S6 a full suspension overhaul. This time all the stuff under the hood got a major treatment: New spark plugs, new ignition coils, belts, coolant hoses, coolant tank, coolant pump seals, the lot.

Ah yes, I can already sense your question: "Must be expensive to maintain a 20yo Audi, eh?" - The short answer is: Don't ask. - The even shorter answer is: Yes. - But that's all balanced by reliable daily V8 barkwagon joy. - So, there we are. - Life is good.


And before the inevitable "come to Ringmeet" post comes: That's just not possible, as I have to start work at 3rd of August.
Ah yes, I can already sense your question: "Must be expensive to maintain a 20yo Audi, eh?" - The short answer is: Don't ask. - The even shorter answer is: Yes. - But that's all balanced by reliable daily V8 barkwagon joy. - So, there we are. - Life is good.

I have the theory that maintaining some bog standard generic four cylinder car would be nearly as expensive, so it's much better to spend the extra 10, 20, 30 percent on parts for what I'd consider a proper enthusiasts car.

Or at least that's what I tell myself when I cry myself to sleep.
lip, I think that's the longest you've kept a car in all my years on these boards.
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Well to be fair it is quite a long car.
Still looking and sounding good, I already miss owning a V8. Are those CrossClimate tyres? How do they handle a Swiss winter?

Also you should come to Ringmeet (next year).
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^ They are simple M+S tires (Falken HS01 XL 235/45). - I always drive with winter boots. - Good for about two years until the daily used S6 has eaten away the front ones to the legal minimum. Then I replace all four.

No problem with aquaplaning, the V8 barking is louder than the tire noise anyway, the swiss winter comes fast and long , and I give a hoot about fuel economy.
^ Define reasonably close.

I live at the border of Lake Constanze, but until next wednesday I'm in Locarno doing the holidays.
Well well, everything was recently updated, mended, and great... until the Audi developed a hole in the exhaust. This week one morning I noticed a very different sound. - Eh, no big deal, the Audi will go into the shop next monday for a bit of exhaust welding. Problem solved.

But my inner 10yo self had an idea today: Let's just use this nuisance for some fun. - Because that hole turns a already glorious sounding car into a very wild sounding one. - With that hole, the car doesn't just bark, it screams. - Hence I couldn't resist the be a anti-social asshole for a day and blast the S6 up one of my local go-to roads:


Valves, man. Since the S6 is treating you well maybe you should treat it to some with remote control, then when you're out in those wonderful hills they can be alive with the sound of... America. Wrong hills but whatever. With switch-on-off-ability I doubt you would regret the decision to fit them.

I wish the old Rover V8 sounded like that, it had more of a smooth racing car rumble but not a gruff, gargly one.
Well damn, the time has come. The time to say goodbye. - I had this car for over four years now , way longer than initially planned, as it suprisingly managed the big hurdle of the MFK once. (Motorfahrzeugkontrolle, very rigid swiss version of MOT, mandatory every 24 months) - But it will not make it twice. Sure, it could, but only in exchange with a high accumulated repair bill. - Mind you, I'm used to high maintenance costs (you have to with cars like these) but there just comes a certain peak point when you think "nah, I better spend the money on a new car". And that point is now.

As a replacement... well basicly all I want is the same car again, just with more power, of course. - For sure, there is the 450hp C5 RS6, but those are quite hardcore, they already have this angry-agressive-sporty-flashy look I'm not a fan of, and I don't like turbo cars in general.

Instead what I'm looking for is a C6 S6 wagon, they look so very subtle and restrained, they have almost the same power with that 435hp V10 engine, and a good example is in the same price range as a C5 RS6 anyway.

For sure, I haven't sold my current Audi S6 yet, but I'm gonna chuck it away after I bought the replacement.

Edit: And or sure I already found a good C6 S6 wagon example that's for sale, going have a look at that at Wednesday... :D