Diecast Models


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Aug 30, 2004
Hi there,

I think this hobby is also entertaiment. We all love cars but most of us don?t have the money or space to buy all of them. Thats why I not only watch movies, play games, read books about cars, I also collect little cars. These are collector models by Minichamps and AutoArt in scale 1/43.

Do you also collect diecasts?
Feel free to post your models or just talk about them :cheers:

my collection :mrgreen:
Wow very nice collection! I'd like to see the Gallardo you got up top.
Im not ellegible to drive yet so I just collect diecasts-AutoArt 1:18 ONLY.
Being Aussie, I love my V8Supercars so I collect a lot of them as you will see...
Heres where I search for my model cars- www.biante.com.au
Standby for a pic of my collection..... :D
I want to at some point. But kinda have no money :).
Thank you :cheers:

I know Biante very well but just for having a look at all these nice Holdens and Falcons in scale 1/43.

1/18 is too big to collect ;)

Yeah....this hobby really eats my money but who cares :lol:
holy smokes...you have got a collection which will make a kid really jealous..i really never collected them..i just bought them nd played them till i lost them....hehe i used to buy loads of hotwheels..just amazing these creations
Yeah Freakster,

but these aren?t Hot Wheels and also not suitable for children under 14 ;)
These are real collector-models to look at and to stand in cabinets. Some of them are really valuable on ebay. Check Porsche Turbo Minichamps and you?ll find something mdoels that go beyond 200$. Their retailprice is about 30$.

I also prefer Johnny Lightning in scale 1/64 to Hot Wheels because the Hot Wheels nower days are more fantasymodels and not that detailed as collectormodels.
Heres my collection :D - all AutoArt 1:18 except for a few..
Sorry for the shit images (webcam :thumbsdown: )
I'm currently awaiting delivery on a Maybach 62 (model car :lol: )
I had to pay extra for insurance + shipping due to its huge size- lol crazy eh.. :?
Its delivery has been delayed to to this Easter long weekend.
Ill post pics when I get it 8)
im takin pics of my collection now. :thumbsup:
i gonna start collecting as soon as i start earnin...about 40%of my pay will go to models...hehe
Great collection Sl65AMG :cheers:
Can?t wait to see yours Justin :)

Good plan Freakster :mrgreen:
hehe models......not car models...hehe bit of pervertism going into my sentences :lol:
unfortunately i dont have mine in glass cases. they are all in my closet so i had to take them out and take the pics of them on my bed or the hallway floor.

:? after nearly 4 long hours, setting up the cars, taking over 100 pics im done. :?

ill up the pics into thumbnail form tomorrow.

all 17 of my 1:18 cars and my 3 1:43 cars.

Freakster, you are really a freak....horny freak :p
Yeah take your time. Good things always take a bit of time ;)
Do you plan buying more carmodels in the future?

This is not my whole collection. I have about 200 1/43 models and the number is still rising. :thumbsup:
SiR_dude said:
I've got about 10 or 12....1/18 scale BBurago models. Not much of a collection...
Same here, a couple of bburago 1:24 models are all I have although I'd love to get more
These things are rare and very expensive around here. But I'm planning on getting more into it after relocating.
Just bought this on ebay for my collection. The blue on this Bentleys is just amazing!

Scale 1:43 :D