Diecast Models

Guys, am I the only one still taking photos? :p

GT Spirit Porsche 964 turbo 3.6 in white, finally I can replace the cheap Welly with pins in the lights etc. :)

Just scored a really good deal on eBay on a Welly Diablo SV. It will require some modification once I get it, since Welly messed up a little in the manufacturing.

Here is how they made it:

See how high the front is?

Apparently it's easy to correct to this:

Maybe I'll also repaint the wheels...I kind of like the silver.
The Diablo arrived. And here it is next to the Kyosho Countach



If anyone asks about the height, tell them it's accelerating. That's 'art in motion'. :p

I should get a Kyosho catalogue again, I had one years ago and it was great seeing all of the diecast models they make. It fell apart unfortunately. I've considered getting some Autoart models myself but really the last thing I need is yet another expensive hobby to go with the four or five I already have.
I have the blue Diablo SV from Autoart. With the scoops on the roof and the spoiler it looks chunkier than a normal Diablo, I like that. :)

Meanwhile, I received two more models as well: an Audi RS4 Avant B8 and a white Porsche 964 RWB ("Hoonigan").

I have the blue Diablo SV from Autoart. With the scoops on the roof and the spoiler it looks chunkier than a normal Diablo, I like that. :)

The Welly model above uses the exact same mold as the Autoart model. There are only very tiny differences. It's an excellent bargain model. (Bought it for $20)
I didn't know that, and my Autoart model was more expensive than 20$...

Ah well, in the meantime let's have a yellow BMW M3 E36. :)

After the recent purchases I bought another showcase where just the Mercedes race transporter resides, I used that as an excuse to rearrange the showcases once again. :)

why do you keep a bottle of water next to the cup?
that's a lousy price to receive!
Well, that very bottle of water helped me surviving the ordeal so I kept it. :p

:lol: No, seriously, those two items aren't related - the bottle is from Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley where I was 4 years ago (damn, has it been 4 years already? :? ).
The yellowifying of my showcases continues - I just received a yellow Porsche 991.1 S Cabrio, four of my last 8 models are yellow...

Yellow with beige interior?! :blink:
The owner of this example liked that combination. :p

Meanwhile, a 900+ hp per ton model has arrived: Ariel Atom V8. :)

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Less powerful, but as cool as the Atom V8: a Lamborghini Espada. I bought it from a private seller without the original box, unfortunately the seller didn't protect the wheels properly so one rear rim was broken when it arrived. Fortunately the original manufacturer AutoArt recently opened a webshop for spare parts and they had a complete underbody including intact rear rims, but with broken front suspension - perfect for me so I bought it and repaired my model. :)

Today an underrated car: Porsche 968 CS, once again a yellow model...

This time a blue car, namely a Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS. According to some sources, the manufacturer GT Spirit is allowed to release Lava Orange and Ultraviolet (purple) which until now were only available from Spark for 250+ Euros which is too rich for my taste.

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Quintuple post! This time three models arrived...

Autoart Bugatti EB110 GT

GT Spirit Porsche 964 Carrera RS rubystone red

GT Spirit Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS in white

I need to stop spending so much money, I could afford a second scale 1 car for that kind of money... :ph34r:

Autoart Porsche 930 turbo Wangan "Black Bird"

...and I failed miserably - bought my 20th white Porsche 911 to complete the two showcases in the hallway...

The addition of two more showcases led to more restructuring so I took pictures of all the showcases again. :) The two new showcases are missing lighting, that'll be done soon(ish), and I don't have enough glass partitions for the showcases so one showcase has to do with wooden partitions.

One of the showcases is an IKEA Detolf that houses my four scale 12 models - pictures of the M3 E30 and the M3 E46, both from OttO models:

(Size comparison of the scale 18 Autoart M3 E30 Cecotto)

(Size comparison of the scale 18 Kyosho M3 E46)

Another yellow 911 came in as well, this time a GT Spirit RUF CTR Yellowbird:

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