Diecast Models

One of my friends collects model trucks and I can genuinely imagine him buying that.
i had no idea MB has a pickup truck on offer!

It came out in 2017, I think I've only seen one on the roads. You'd have to be insane to pay MB prices for a pickup.
Well, the X-Class is based on a Nissan Navara chassis and assembled at Nissan and Renault plants...
Wow! Without those Mercs it would be even more interesting = cheaper. That would be perfect for my 1:18 collection of cars I've owned/own

Yeah I saw that, its a shame you can't buy this truck without all the MB diecast cars bundled together.
Nope, the truck including trailer is "standalone". The composition mentioned in the article isn't something you can buy like that, it's just a "what if I wanted to have this truck plus six high quality models".

If you search for NZG B66004173 you should find the truck including trailer, I saw it in Germany for about 630 Euros (incl. VAT).
This arrived just yesterday: the Autoart Koenigsegg One:1 in matte blue, a worthy addition to the orange CCX I already own. :) The door mechanism is strong, the doors hold in every position, there are gas strut replicas for the front and rear bonnets (of course not filled with gas), the rear wing is movable (visible in the 6th and 7th picture) and the carbon fibre weave is superb as always with Autoart.


According to my Excel spreadsheet (yes, of course I maintain such a thing, I'm german afterall :p ) I own 223 model cars in scale 1:18, of those there are 182 including the original box. Yes, my basement is literally full with original boxes in big cardboard boxes.
I wish I could afford a really nice diecast. Just one. Preferrably a McLaren F1 of some sort. ;) I have a ton of different ones, ranging from goofy to super cool, and I love them, but nothing with really incredible detail.
Do any of you collect those CM's Rally cars? Especially for the size, the livery detail on them is incredible! I have around a dozen of them.
Saw this at a local automotive hobby store last weekend. Have it hanging up at work now.


Looks just as shitty as our real test mules parked out back right now :LOL:

Damn you guys, just made me look and find this:


1:87 Minichamp.