Diecast Models

Well, the facelift of the Focus was in 2014 so it should be pretty irrelevant if the model is a "2016" or "2018", shouldn't it? :think:

I just rearranged my showcases once more, as I wrote I did some wheeler dealering which means many compartments were either empty-ish or too full. Additionally, instead of having the models a bit angled, but in the same angle as all the others within the compartment I put them in a semicircle-ish manner to change the appearance a bit. In the 1:12 showcase there are only BMW M3s with their respective 1:18 "Mini-Me's", that way I was able to rearrange the 3-series showcases as well. I put the hypercars together into one showcase so one showcase is now filled with only Lamborghinis, the vertical showcase with the all-white Porsche 911s on the right contains only 911 GT3 Cup/R/RSR Plain Body models now.

Well, the facelift of the Focus was in 2014 so it should be pretty irrelevant if the model is a "2016" or "2018", shouldn't it? :think:

The 2018 has black roof, rear spoiler and side mirrors.

Previous years all that was body colour.
Pfft, get a spray can of black, mask the model properly, you can do that yourself and you have a 1:18 model of your car. ;)

Was just at Target buying some last minute things for my trip. Was planning to run in and out, but one of the items was out of stock on the shelves and an employee had me walk with him to the back. On the way back I decided to walk though the Hot Wheels aisle...... and.....


Yes. Very yes.

Also a line green Focus RS because also yes.
The Mecca of diecast model collections..... at the 24h du Mans museum. ALL the cars to compete since 1923, in finishing order.





















Very cool to see the evolution of design, aerodynamics, liveries, etc.

These are not fancy or anything but I would really love to know why walgreens seems to specifically make diecasts for me.

Like really. An RSI beetle.

Hopefully they will eventually have my Exact Fiat given they had my Exact Beetle at one point too.
I've been buying a fair amount of Hot Wheels lately, mostly the weird/creative stuff. Never did get into HW collecting, still don't plan to, but the odd one here and there is fun. :)
I just spent an amount of money on a 1:18 model car which could buy a 1:1 car. :ph34r: Admittedly, it certainly wouldn't be new and it would be beaten up, but it still could drive you, other people and luggage from A to B which a 1:18 model car can't...

Translated: I just bought a CMC Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman 6-door, but when you look at the amount of details and what amount of work has been put in you don't wonder anymore...

The model consists of more than 1230 parts and yes, you can unscrew the wheels with tiny hex bolts, the second row of seats can be folded up into a crevice below the pane of glass of the partition between drivers and passengers area, the sun visors and the center armrest of the rear bench are movable, the spare wheel is removable, can be fitted to any of the four corners and it has it's own compartment, all the grilles are photo etched, there are tiny springs replicating the springs of the bonnet and the hinges are accurately modeled.

I usually never buy die-cast cars because they do nothing apart from look pretty, but this one is a different story. Ever since I stumbled upon the Hot Wheels 944 Turbo announced as a prototype on Instagram, I knew I wanted one. Several months and 1€ later, it's finally mine.


I'm still thinking whether I should unpack it or not. I really don't wanna be one of those guys who keep everything in their original boxes and never use it, but then, I somehow like it packed. I know, I'm overthinking it, as I do with everything in life. And sorry about the quality of the picture, if I decide to unbox it, I might add a better picture or two.
I've been actively looking at Hot Wheels in different stores lately and I've seen a ton of those. Saw a few real ones this summer, too. And I agree with Hok! ;)

I should post some of my stuff too. I did a long time ago, but have plenty more interesting things since then. Just fun stuff, mostly, as I can't afford to get what I really want.
So, I did what you guys suggested me:


And as I promised, some better pics:



Funny thing, I just went to eBay to check the prices, and found another guy from Croatia selling it for USD 3 + shipping. He does accept best offers, but still, he probably bought it for the same price at the same store, and now he's selling it for more. I'm obviously not gonna do that, but it's nice to know it's (probably) worth more on eBay than what I paid for it.
it's for sale for more than what you paid for it
but not sold ;)

and friend once bought a white civic because he drove one like that
ever since, when anybody comes across a white honda, he buys it for him
by now he has more than 10 models, all white honda's hanging on his wall
it's pretty cool, even though they only cost a few € a piece
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I know that, but there were some one eBay that cost even more than this one. Although I do bet the seller won't let it go for less than what he (or she) paid for it. Flipping diecasts on eBay seems to be the seller's hobby, if you take a look at their other ads.

Anyway, I didn't buy it to flip it, I bought it because I liked it. Then again, some 5-10 years from now, if it turns out it's been merely collecting dust, I might put it on eBay. But that's not something I'm gonna worry about right now. For now, I'm just gonna put the unopened on display and the unpacked one on my desk as a motivation to study more. :D
I bought another CMC model, this time a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut-Coupé. :) I already have the streamline racing version of the W196R, but the Uhlenhaut-Coupé was a model I always wanted.