Differences between Skyline GT-R and GT-T?


Mar 16, 2005
Is there a comprehensive list that states all the differences between Skyline GT-R and GT-T? Thanks
few off my head

R has a rb26 T has a rb25
R is 4wd 4ws and T is Rwd but some models had 4ws i think
R is twin turbo T is single
R has wide archs T has narrow
Keisuke Takahashi will respect you if you drive a GT-T
Will diss you if you drive a GT-R

Hehehe ...
There's many different Skylines that were sold. All the trim levels had different names for each generation.

The GT-R is the top of the line homologation model. They only sell that car to race. Even though it looks like a Skyline, 99% of the car is entirely its own. There are so many differences between the GT-R and a standard Skyline that it's impossible to list here! (chassis, suspension components, brakes, engine, drivetrain, body panels, etc.) You can just say its an entirely different car altogether.

The rest of the Skyline models either come with a lower displacement RB series engine.
R32 had the RB20 with or without the turbo. Only the non-turbo had an AWD version
The R33 and R34 both had the RB25. The R34's RB25 was an "improved" version that met the new LEV emissions regulations. They also offered an AWD Skyline for those living in Hokkaido.

Also, the only thing that the RB26DETT and the RB25DET shares is the RB name.
I agree.... according to alot of people who have driven both skylines (GT-T and GT-R) and after speaking to mechanics, they say both of them feel entirely different and there is no way that you can convert a GT-T skyline to a GT-R, the entire chassis is structured differently plus the GT-R's body and chassis is much stronger
i think he means the gts-t the rwd one with the rb25
Not really...

The GTT (and gtst) is a standard sports car, the GTR is a race car for the road
jasonchiu said:
overall the GTT is the cheap poor mans version of the GTR like a BMW 330ci compared to a M3

not exactly, some people still prefer the thrill of driving RWD cars and have back end slip while cornering for fun... plus if Drifters bought a skyline, it would definetly be a GT-T
its an ugly nissan that can pack 1000 hp so what.. pshh :thumbsdown:
jason is gonna hate me now :p
you guys cover most of the difference of GT-T and GT-R

but i still think the biggest difference is the front bumper, it's the trademark of GT-R to me, just like the M3 side grill as a significant outlook difference between a 3-series coupe to a M3
I think he wanted to know the techincal stuff... to be a carnut, you should have already noticed it in the first place...
since we're talking about GT-T and GTR's... I've heard some stories of cheap people buying GT-T's and they go to his workshop with the engine and bodyparts and all and telling them I want to fully convert it to a GT-R.... the mechanic just says, with the engine, it is still not a GT-R, there are alot more differences and there is no way to convert those, you should see on the look of those people's faces... it looks like, o-shit, what do I do now :lol:
u can convrt them. there is a full 4 door GTT to GTR V-Spec II nur with all the diffs and drive trains in the bottom. scan i later
The construction of the chassis is totally different between the GT-T and GT-R... unlike the Subaru Impreza 1.6l and the WRX where they use the same chassis, they just have to mount the rear-diff.... even if you managed to weld the diff's in the GT-T... it wouldn't work as well, plus the entire chassis and arms and bushes in the GT-R for the wheel and stuff is all stiffened and welded more tightly to give it better handling
Thanks for all your comments.
Btw, Jason, u have a GT-R or GT-T?
So I understand that there is no way to make a GT-T into a 100% GT-R but I just want to know is GT-T more like a performance luxury car rather than a not as good as GT-R race car? Does GT-T have any potential with some mods (ie. basic bolt on and suspension)?
GT-T is very popular among RWD lovers who still love drifting or the thrill of having a tail-happy car, so its not really a performance luxury car... it can be modded quite heavily as well and can easily reach 600hp