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Digital Camera...


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Oct 31, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Just bought a Kodak CX7330 3.1 megapixel digital cam. Just wondering if anybody else has a similiar model and if theres any quirks or build quality issues I should keep an eye on?
my dad just bought a kodak 4mp one
they r simple to use...i wouldn't get
I have a Canon SD100. Here are a couple of pics I took during my vacation this past June.


tbh, I know very little about the CX7330. It's not a very popular camera. Then again, I've never heard of the SD100 either, heard of the SD10 and the SD110. Perhaps I need to update my knowledge of cameras!

Mine's a Sony DSC-T11

I love her 8)
I had a Sony T1 for about a week before I dropped it... the camera is too slim... makes it too difficult to grip onto... so I'm still using my Sony F77 :D
I bought it purely for it's slimline erm.. ness. Fits just nicely in my pocket next to my phone and is always on me when I need to capture a moment. Love it - couldn't be any happier (unless I had one in my eye, that would be sweet man :D)