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Digital Camera


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Mar 5, 2004
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OK, here's the scoop. I want to get a digi cam sometime soon, but am on a bit of a budget. I'd really like to get a Canon, but they ain't cheap. I am considering the A75, which currently is $400 CDN. The thing is, I'd rather have 4 MP or more. What other camera brands/models would you guys recommend? I'm gonna check out Kodak's lineup, and maybe Fuji, later when I have time. I'd like to stay around the $400 mark if possible (about $280-300 USD). Comments/suggestions welcome.
Okay. I'm gonna tell you Bravo! and then Why?


let me explain. Your choice of a Canon, an A75 is a very good idea since pretty much every reviewer agrees that it's the best in it's class and it's a very good camera.

Now why would you want 4MP or more? I'm pretty sure you don't need more than 3,2MP and you say that only because we see more and more cams with bigger CCD's and more Megapixels.

For $400 you won't get much of a 4MP cam when you can get a very nice 3,2MP one. And don't forget that Canon optics are far superior in that segment so I'd say, go with the A75 I'm sure that'll be plenty enough, even if you print your pics! and you can crop a lot too.

BTW, moving to photography..
Ya, I agree with Renesis.

If you have a set price limit of $400, look for cameras within that price range and with the features you want excluding the ammount of megapixels. Getting a camera that fits within your price range and has the important features that you want - for example a 3x zoom lens or panorama capability etc. - is much more important than megapixels.

I know people make a big deal about megapixels, but as long as you have 3.2MP or more it is much more important to get the options you want.

It's like buying a sports car - it's not really about how much horsepower it has on paper, it's more about the whole feel of the car. A Mustang has more horsepower than something like a WRX, but what would you rather have? :p

Edit: Oh, and I would also highly reccomend Canon. The A75 is a great camera.
OK, I'll consider those opinions. One quick question on the A75 (since I'm too lazy to research it myself and Renesis has lots of time to do it for me :p), can I add special lenses to it, and play with shutter speeds and stuff manually? 'Cause that's something I want to be able to do.
Yup you have an aperture priority mode, a shutter speed more and a fully manual mode and you can add lenses to it with the LADC52C adapter from Canon or other adapters. The one from Canon outputs at 52mm but some other are available in real aluminium (better looking than the Canon black ones on a silver camera) in 52 or 37mm. But ofcourse you can use step rings :)

BTW I didn't have to search, the A75 is only an upgraded A70 so I know pretty much everything about it :wink:
^ I take it you have an A70? Another question, how well will 3.2MP look like in 8*10? I kinda want to get a cam that will still look crisp for anything I decide to blow up (uh, I mean, make bigger :mrgreen:)
Yup I have an A70 and I did print 8x10's with it and they come up just fine!

good quality prints need at least 150 pixels per inch so that means with a 3.2MP camera you can print close to 11" x 14".

With a pro quality of 300 pixels per inch (although at this point quality depends more on the printer..) that makes 5" x 7."

But don't think you absolutely need Pro quality! I did 8x10's and they come out real fine with a quality of about 200 pixels per inch which is more than enough :)
As the others have said, if you are not printing large sized images, then 3MP will be fine. The main thing is too worry about optics. If you stick with Canon, Nikon, Fuji and the like you can't go wrong. IMHO Fuji is the best bang-for-your-buck.

Myself , I have a Sony V1, and I bought it over a Canon G5 or Nikon (5400??) purely for the smalelr size. Great optics and I love the camera, but some people are not enamoured by Sony cameras. I'd agree that the low end ones are not very good value for money, but the V1/F828 are very competitive.
for reviews I'd say imagin-resource is very good partly because of it's comparometer which really helps compare similar pics taken with different cams.

And as for Fuji, I agree that they have a good bang for the buck factor but that's mid to high range.. in the low-mid range Canon is VERY strong and competitive.
I took most of my early pictures with a 1.3 and the rest with my current 2.0. As long as you aren't enlarging images, 2.0 is even plenty. ;)

You'll be totally set with 4.0. :)
Oh, saw 4.0 in his post and misread it. :?
get the canon G3, if u can find it, dirt cheap because they recently replaced it with the G5.

look through www.epinions.com for a reliable store, and u will be taking some gr8 pictures, gr8 for still shots, and gr8 for taking pics of moving race cars.

i have 332 pics of the Le Mans race nearby at my friend's site, www.samuraifiles.com , goto the gallery, then to the 9th page of user galleries, thats it, my 16th pic is the best IMO
look around my gallery all u want, some are in digital zoom, where the image quality suffers baddly, but u rarely need digital zoom. if it isn't upto your specs , then move on, its a 4.0 mp digi cam
G3 is a good cam too, had many occasions to play with one. However the A80 has pretty much all it's features and it a better size..
Well....... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


And I took a coupla test pics....not much of a photog yet, but....





SiR... Canon just announced the release of the A85 which is... a souped up A75... you camera is already old :lol:

I know that sucks, it did that to me with my A70. But I think you're better off with the A75 than with the A85 because it doesn't have a lot of new features (new scene modes, bigger LCD, a bit more digital zoom (who cares), and 4 MegaPixels.) but 4MP on the same CCD means a lot of noise! and the A series camera are already noisy..

It's a bad move from Canon IMO. Next they'll release an A90 or something, to replace the A80 and it'll prolly reuse the A80's CCD while it's bumped to 5MP, yes more noise too..

So lots of features and competitive prices, but lower quality.. and with the competition releasing tons of new models in 2005 and Panasonic alone bumping it's production by 75%... that's what we can expect.. good prices but lower quality. :?

In other words, you bought a camera just in the right time :)