DiRT 3

That looks great. WANT!
I can already tell we're gonna look back on that in a few years and say it looks like shit (I see areas with room for improvement), but for now that looks quite good and like a whole lotta fucking fun. DO WANT!
The physics of the cars looks much, much improved. Visually, though, it doesn't look much different than the first DiRT, which I still think looks great.

Having said that, I can't wait to buy it! :)
Yeah, some areas are open for improvement - self shadowing still looks like a jittery, buggy mess- but it looks pretty sweet.
I'll take a game lacking in state of the art graphics if that means they put serious effort into physics and game content.
^I agree. This looks like it will be fantastic :)

<3 Metro 6r4!!
I was just going to say that the graphics don't look like a huge leap from the first game but if the physics and handling are improved I'm definitely buying this.
The suspension reactions look very good.
I love stuff like this.

DiRT 3 hidden games and party mode revealed

The release of DiRT 3 is nigh upon us and, as a final teaser, game maker Codemasters has revealed an intriguing three-game party mode. The party mode consists of mini games and will serve as an escape for those who get tired of sliding Ken Block's WRC Ford Fiesta around gravel-strewn corners at breakneck speed. It also means there will be a welcome multiplayer mode to an already awesome racing title.

Party mode's three mini games all sound like an excellent way to avoid homework, housework, taxes, lawn mowing or emotional interaction with other human beings. The first, called Invasion, has players driving around an open parking lot attempting to destroy cardboard robots while avoiding skyscrapers, which could turn out to also be robots.

The second game is Outbreak, where a glowing-green "infected" player tries to spread his car's disease by crashing into opponents. Last man standing without the verdant infection leaves the game victorious.

The last game is Transporter, where players careen around in search of spontaneously-appearing flags. Once you claim a flag, you have to return it to your home base without being mugged by another player.

Essentially, party mode combines a Mario Party-style multiplayer mode with a straightforward rally-racing game. The marketability of that seems more than plausible, and the prospect of breaking up racing with some good, old-fashioned playground games sounds like a winner to us.
That sounds 'effing awesome. Outbreak sounds awfully similar to Timesplitter 2's "Virus" game mode...which was outrageous amounts of fun. Why can't we see more of these types of mini games within racing games?

NOt really the best example of it, but take it from me...it was stupid fun.
Midnight Club 2/3 had these kinds of mini-games.... but there just wasn't the online infrastructure on PS2 for it to catch on.
GRID was tits, i reaaaaally hope they do another one
Want to spend $300 on Dirt3, but didn't see a possible way to do that? Well there good news!

The third installment in the DiRT video game franchise, DiRT 3, hits stores on May 24, 2011. It will cost you $59.99 for a copy, which is steep, but completely in-line with the pricing for today's video games. If you have a few extra coins hiding under the couch cushions, however, then GameStop has a tantalizing product bundle for you. Spend $299 to reserve a copy of DiRT 3, and you will also get the Traxxas Ken Block R/C Ford Fiesta.

If you were already considering buying the radio-controlled gymkhana machine, then this is a great deal, because it essentially throws the game in for free. If, like us, you were thinking of buying the Codemasters game, and you currently have R/C cars on the brain, this deal means you have to explain to your wife why the American Express bill shows a GameStop purchase for nearly five times the previously discussed amount.

Click past the jump to see why sleeping on the couch will be worth it come May 24. Thanks to all for the tips!


If you go to Traxxas's site, the RC car in question is $320, so its really not a bad deal if you want an RC car. I've been wanting ont so I'll probably order this.
I'm actually quite looking forward to this game. The increased amount of rallying in it plus the return of snow are going to make it one of my most played games I think. And it will be quite a bit of fresh air compared to GT5 which I have kinda gone off at the moment.
I think they've just given the game out to reviewers. Lots of new videos being released.
I'm glad they've included a heap of old 70s cars this time. I saw Opel Kadetts and Mantas in there.
:jawdrop: I wonder if this is real? DLC before the game is release? I don't know whether to be happy or p****d.
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hoping for group b rx-7 :)