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DivX 6


aka Aston Martin Lagonda
May 9, 2005
The DivX 6 was released, maybe VUK should test it and if it'll be good encode TG nad FG in it...
or he can use xvid =]
^^ Which is just as good, or even better on higher bitrates...

The only good thing about Divx 6 are the menus... Do you want to have a menu for choosing "Yes, goddamit, start already" ???

It's just a sugestion :|
Aston Martin Lagonda said:
It's just a sugestion :|

I was nagging in the DivX direction, surely not at you... So, sorry, if you got me wrong ;-)

But some ppl wanna watch the eps on their TVs with their Xvid capable players... Afaik, Divx6 won't play on those...

And at the bitrate we are on about, the best and most highend codec don't offer that much more quality...

Aha, now I understand, thanks for the explain. :)