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DivX || XviD Video Compression


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Dec 5, 2005
Levittown, NY
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Anyone want to tell how they made an hour video of about 2.6 gigabytes into 1 hour video of 350MB. Simply that is out standing, and I would love to know how to do this.
That's awsome, thanks for the info.

[EDIT] Everyone say YAY for Windows XP x64, another program that it is not compatible with. AutoGK dies when I try to run it, as soon I have finished the double clicking the incon, it says "This program has encountered an error and needs to close".
Well why are you even running XP64? :)

I wont run XP64 till
a) I'm sure every program I currently use is 64bit compatible,
b) the drivers are ready for my hardware

Till then dual boot :thumbsup:

I didnt mention AutoGK, as I thought he'd want a bit more control over the options ;)
AutoGK won't run if you have the latest DivX codec (atleast last time I checked, but that may have changed). If you have DivX, uninstall it and then use the XviD that comes with AutoGK.
Dygear said:
Blast, I can't really uninstall DivX as I encode with it . . . Oh well . . .

XviD is better anyway, IMO :)
can anyone give an answer as to what is actually going on when you compress a file from 2.5 gbs to 350 mbs

or something like a .bmp to .jpeg(.jpg)