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Do they sell Infiniti brand cars in Europe?

Z Draci

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Mar 31, 2005
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I was advising a friend with which car to buy his wife when I came across this question: Do they sell Infiniti cars in Europe?

Infiniti is to Nissan as Lexus is to Toyota.

The G35 is a nice contender to a 3-series. In the US, it actually won out the 3 in a magazine review. (I know it's not a credible source but just to throw it out there.)

Tne new Infiniti "M" is also nice too. It's the next generation Nissan Cedric/Gloria. This is what my friend decided to get in the end. The "M" also has an amazing drag coefficient of 0.22!!! :shock:

I think the guys at Top Gear would have a different opinion about Nissan if they had those cars to test.
Never seen one in either the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France or Italy...so I guess they're not available in Europe :)
They used to be though, remember the Q45?

i've seen a few FX45 driving around


but that's the only model i've seen
no, not here in Norway at least ... AFAIK ...

Infiniti is known as Nissan in europe..eg Nissan Maxima = Infiniti I 30
dathrilla said:
Infiniti is known as Nissan in europe..eg Nissan Maxima = Infiniti I 30

Can you find another example though? Basically, Infiniti isn't available here at all, although some people import them. Btw, I haven't seen too many Maxima's here.
^i know a guy whose mom drives one

but generally, if you can afford a maxima...

...you just buy a merc or beemer

love the car though
You can't but Infinitis in the UK. But some of the cars are badged as Nissans. For example the Nissan Murano is some kind of Infiniti over in the states I think. Not sure if there are any others...
i get the impression that infinti cars have higher qualtiy parts, like in the interior the leathers will be of a higher grade
All the stuff i've read about the Murano says it's based on some Infiniti model that's been out in the US for a couple of years. But they had to sort the suspension and interior quality out, along with many other things, before selling it in europe. And the FX is definately not more expensive, the V8 has a MSRP of $46k. That's under ?25k. The Murano is ?30k in the UK, and that's the V6.

The QX seems very similar to the pathfinder too. And the G coupe is the new Skyline is it not?
The Maxima is to the I30 as the Camry is to the ES300.
The Murano is to the FX as the Highlander is to the RX330.

Infiniti's are the step up of Nissans in the US. In Japan, they are all just Nissans.
The FX actually has the same AWD system as the GT-R: ATESSA-ETS. The FX is also a very handsome looking car too.

I think the Europeans are missing out on some really nice cars. I think Nissan is reluctant to sell because their cars will end up costing way more than the competition due to the import tax--especially in the UK where it is really high.

In the US, Inifiniti's are prices a few thousand less than European rivals. That's why they've taken quite a good piece of the market now.
Actually the Murano and the FX line use a different chassis, cause you can get the FX in RWD only. The FX uses the same one as the G35 I believe. But the Highlander and the RX do use the same chassis (Camry). :)

Europeans are missing out, but we miss out on plenty of the stuff they have there :D
I want an Alfa :(
I think the G35, M35/45, and the FX35/45 are the most worthy of the Infiniti lineup. The division are turning-out some great cars after years of lackluster models like the Q45.

Back to the original question, Nissan says it will launch Infiniti in Europe in 2008.


Just to clear things up,

Murano = FWD/AWD Nissan Altima platform
FX35/45 = RWD/AWD G35/Skyline 350GT/350Z platform
Infinitis are available over here, as is practially every European, American and Japanese marque along with some Holdens too. It's so cool, you see a lot of big cars you wouldn't see in Europe (Chevy Suburban, Infinity QX4) but we also have the small European stuff you can't get in the 'states, like Seats, Alfas, Peugeots, Renaults, Rovers (erm, maybe not anymore...). We also had the Monaro long before the US or UK ever got them.

And we know Australia's dirty little secret: the V6 Monaro! :p