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Do you guys have an always up server?


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If not, I can probably get one for you.

Chipping $10/mo into my Battlefield clan's account gives me Cortex access and the ability to setup game servers on our boxes if I want. Since LFS uses little bandwidth & CPU (right?) and the server would be password protected and therefore not full 24/7, I think the server managers would be fine with it.
We don't have a server atm, but we would like one ;)

Dedicated server uses little CPU, and you'd need over 1mbit up (and down) for full grid I think. Although we rarely have full grid...

EDIT: Windows box? 'couse there's no linux version of server app, you'd need to run it with wine I think.
got this info from the lfswiki:
 4 guests,  4 cars :   4.9 KB/s
 8 guests,  8 cars :  21.4 KB/s
11 guests, 11 cars :  41.6 KB/s (demo max)
12 guests, 12 cars :  49.9 KB/s
15 guests, 15 cars :  79.1 KB/s (S1 max)
16 guests, 16 cars :  90.4 KB/s
20 guests, 20 cars : 142.9 KB/s
23 guests, 20 cars : 165.9 KB/s (S2 max)
so 1,3mbit would be max
did some searching, for LFS @ Linux with Wine:
Yeah, it's Windows. I'll pass this thread along and see what they say.

Oh, and if they're okay with it, I'll need a config file from you guys. ;)
It's a go. Someone make me a config file.
Yeah, the server's up with a pretty much default config, I just wondered if there was anything config specific you guys wanted...
Mmm, there aren't many things to set actually.

Most important is probably the smoothness of the connection: that should be maxed to 6packs.

Other than that, maybe Start in Reverse finishing order. And also Allow users to change track.

Probably easiest thing is to give the username/pass to someone (e.g. ESPN), so that in case there is something that needs to be adjusted he can do it once we start racing.

Thnx again Viper, good job. :thumbsup:
MXM said:
Now I can safely skip a race knowing you wont miss me...

Just kidding, I wouldn't skip a race ;)

You can skip a race or 10 :p.
It's currently a S1 server (it was setup wrong), but this is the config that'll be in use once my buddy gets the PM I sent him. :)

And lfsserver.finalgear.com is aliased to the IP of the server. :)

//Example dedicated host configuration file.
//How to use : LFS /cfg=setup.cfg


//if required - password

//if required - admin password

//if required - InSim port

//if required - local specified ip address

//a high number below 65536



//Blackwood/South City/Fern Bay/Autocross/Westhill/Kyoto Ring/Aston

//config : 1=GP/2=RALLYX in Blackwood

//no / yes

//weather : 1,2,3 in Blackwood

//cars allowed - see README.txt

//max number of guests that can join host

//max number of cars in a race

//max number of cars (real+ai) on host pc

//max number of cars (real+ai) per guest pc

//smoothness (3-6) number of car updates per second

//qualifying minutes, 0 for no qualifying

//number of laps, 0 for practice

//if laps not specified - hours



//no/yes : can guests vote to kick or ban

//no/yes : can guests select track

//no/yes/ban/spectate : wrong way drivers

//no restart within X seconds of race start

//no restart within X seconds of race finish

//no/yes : allow join during race

//no/yes : pit stop required

//fixed/finish/reverse/random : race start order
The PMs are still sitting in my PM outbox, so he hasn't read them. The server's up, but it's currently an S1 server as he configured it wrong. <_<
It's currently called "SinClan Speedway" with the password "password".