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Do you guys not watch Le Mans


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Mar 19, 2005
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Because I am, and I sooooo hope Tom Kristensen wins again :thumbsup:, then maybe that's just because I'm danish.
So do you watch it, or do you think it's a waste of time?
And offcourse I also hope Jan Magnussen in the Corvette wins in the GT1, he is first now, but there is an aston martin chasing.
yet another race with sth which doesn't deserve the name car

as stupid as F1
Re: Do you guys not watch Le Mans

mgkdk said:
Because I am, and I sooooo hope Tom Kristensen wins again :thumbsup:

Well it's kinda boring when every year Le Mans is about 50-something cars starting off and then the Audis winning. For that reason alone, I'm rooting for the underdog, Team Pescarolo. Plus, I'm a rally fan and they had Loeb in one of their cars (it has, unfortunately, dropped out from the race)
^It was a bentley in 2003
^The one Aston ran out of fuel :roll: and the other is still in the pit, but IRL I would take the Aston over the Corvette.
:thumbsup: He won :thumbsup:
Audi First, Pescarolo second, and Audi 3rd and 4th

Corvette won the GT1...

mgkdk said:

NO no, I beg the differ! JJ Won!!!!!! :p :p

Anyone else who might have been driving the car was merely an assistant to his glorious victory over the incabable "racing drivers" driving around aimlessly in the same track, occasionally seeing something what sort of looked like a german car go past them
^A compromize, they won :)
^^ Well in the name of european unity/co-operation I'll give you that one ;)
Yes yes yes yes. Audi did it again :thumbsup:
Nice retirement for the R8. Even with the extra weight they did it.