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Do you know stuff about "Crisis Managenment"? Help


May 28, 2004
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Ok, looong story short, I'm a 3.rd year student at a business school of marketing and sales, and I just now begun the "data-collecting" part of my Bachelor assignement (the last and, biggest and most important science-task you have as a Bachelor student)

And my Bachelor group and I have decied to write about "Crisis Management". (We have limited it down to "Crisis Management and Communtication, ie: how the Police, Foreign Dept, hospitals, airlines etc. work together in the event of a crisis)

Our "thought-scenario" is a planecrash in downtown Oslo. (450.000 inhabitants, in Oslo allthogether)

So, you know any authors/articles which are written about this subject - I'd love to hear about them ! !

Gracias :thumbsup:


You're supposed to do your OWN research!
uh, I AM !!! That's about all I do these days ....

What's wrong with getting help and tips from friends??? It might help me further in my research ... It's not like I'm asking anyone else to do the assignement for me, morron ....

If you don't have anything positive to contribute, then keep it to yourself, next time .... Loudmouth ... ;)

LOL Good luck mate, A friend of mine had to write a report about Crisis management in an organisation and he could find basically nothing about it. Even our lecturer said there pretty much aren't any books available about it. You just have to gather a litlle bit from where ever you can find it.
I say: Go to the policestation, contact airport, firestation and try if you can get the crisis management report...job done! 8)
LoudPipe said:
haz said:
Oh, that was original. I guess you don't want help then. :p

well, not from you anyways ... yeah, I want your help now that you said something like "blah blah ... do your own homework Son ... blah ...

btw. thx muumipeikko and Josty for contributing in an adult manner.

muumipeikko: yea, I've heard the same ... that's sorta why I'm even asking here for tips .... but, I'm not connecting Cr.Man. with Org., just Comm., and I was told that wasn't as bad as Org... so I'm continuing my search.

Josty: hey bud, wat's up?! yes, I'm am going to contact authoirites as the ones you mentioned. Prolly airlines as well ... we'll see.

Thx for the help buds :)

in the beginning of the 90's a plane crashed in holland, in amsterdam i think, on top of 2 buildings

u might get a lot of usefull information if you look for this

i remember, caus i had seen it on the late-night news, and had terrible nightmares of it
and because it's been on the news latelty caus the site is polluted with uranium ever since
damn ... never herd of that incident.

I'll make sure to check it out.

THX Bone !

Yes it's called the "Bijlmer ramp", Bijlmer disaster in English. Bijlmer is the name of the area in Amsterdam, it was quite some time ago. I don't know lots about it cause I was little when it happened. It was an EL AL airplane.

I think you can google with this.
There is Sept 11th of course - Since then the Americans have implemented their color coded terror alert system. It shouldn't be hard to find information on this. At each level the security of everything changes (eg. border, harbour, police, etc.). ;)
I work in the medical industry and we have various "Major Incident" tests every year, unfortunatly I'm at a very low level so don't really see much of the planning, only how it's centralised and passed though the various tears of emergency services.
I suggest if you want some good matterial to look at, have a look at the Iranian Embassy Siege back in 1980. There's a lot of historical data about how the incident was contained and delt with. A good comparison is the most recent Russian Seige when an entire school was held hostage which went horribly wrong.
On UKNova there is a documentary called when trains crash...

When Trains Crash Mon, Jan 17 2005.avi


Documentary looking at rail accidents, including the 1977 Moorgate crash; a German train accident in 1988; and an Alabama tragedy in 1993 that killed 47 people.



Duration......0.46.51 hours Date............17-01-05
Resolution....640x416 Aspect Ratio....4:3
AV Codecs.....MP3/DivX5.0 Capture Type....DVD

If you need it and can't get it yourself, PM me and I'll get it and send it to you (or something)
ah, that'll be great! PM'd you now ..