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Do you know the release dates?


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Jul 13, 2004
Down Under - Melbourne - Australia
Hi all, I got 6 5G early eps I think 2002 & 03 that I need exact release dates that I need help on.

ep date? - British International Motor Show, BMW z4, Ford Fusion, Hummer H2

ep date? - James Bond Aston, Bentley on Drag Strip, Haunted Cars

ep date? - LPG, Ford KA, Tiff & Vicki Race in a Radical

ep date? - Aston Martin Lagonda, Smart Cross Blade, Dutton Commander (Amphibious Car)

ep date? - Paris Motor Show, Ferrari Enzo, Alfa Concept Car, Renault Megan

ep date? - Parallel Park Stunt, Used Car Bargains, Nissan 350z, Caterham Academy

I've tried Justin's comprehensive list but nothing on there for these 6 eps.

So any clues would be great! :thumbsup:

G :mrgreen:
Hey I am pretty sure these are those elusive season 1, 2 and 3 episodes.
Your right! They are! justin syders checklist doesnt have it..fifth gear website not working :? (dont know why??)..im looking through my fifth gear videos now. Ill try and track down the dates of these ep's but please put them on the FTP!!