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The BBC now all but admitting that they're "out of ideas for Doctor Who, and won't you viewers please send us some plot lines? Oh, and we won't pay you."

Doctor Who fans furious after BBC asks them to come up with new ideas - for FREE

The BBC sent an email to sci-fi fans asking them to send in any "intriguing un-told stories and stories ripe for reimagining"

Avid Doctor Who fans are outraged that the BBC has asked them to contribute new story ideas – for free.

Sci-fi stalwarts were sent a newsletter from BBC Studios looking to exploit their knowledge.

The email said: “In the latest Doctor Who survey we are keen to hear from a wide range of fans and viewers: from those joining with Jodie, to those with a far-reaching knowledge into the classic adventures of Doctor Who.

“We want to hear about any intriguing un-told stories and stories ripe for reimagining.”

The survey also asked fans to state which historical periods they would like the Doctor to visit or revisit.

The next series, written by Chris Chibnall, is currently being filmed but will not air until 2020.

Chris Kocher said: “I refused to give free story ideas. Supplied my email address and asked someone to commission me instead.”

Fellow fan Cliff Chapman agreed, wondering: “For new books? Or for TV? Is Chibnall’s imagination THAT barren? (Wait, of course it is...)”

BBC Studios argued: “We often seek input from Doctor Who fans who kindly volunteer their views about products or events they would like to see more of. In this case, we had a list of stories we wanted to tell across multiple publishing partners but wanted to get our audience’s opinions on what stories better resonated with them.”

Ah, right.

I am literally rolling on the floor laughing my arse off. That last bit from the BBC rather indicates that they just realized that their new PC/SJW Doctor (or rather the writing behind her) is rather out of touch with the audience, IMHO.
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Show has been residing in an open casket for the last few years. This has to be the final nail in the coffin.

I've stuck with it in the vain hope that it might turn a corner and regain some grit and balls but I fear it's had its time and should be taken out back and shot.
Show has been residing in an open casket for the last few years. This has to be the final nail in the coffin.

I've stuck with it in the vain hope that it might turn a corner and regain some grit and balls but I fear it's had its time and should be taken out back and shot.

It's still salvageable... just not with the hard PC/SJW/idiot crew they have running the show and network now.

I think they would do very well if they would hire someone like Christopher Nuttall (to name one British writer who I think could do an excellent job based on their prior work) to write their plots - and then stuck to them. No adding PC crap, no SJW sub plots tacked on, no stupid Brexit jokes taped on to the middle of a plot.
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Doctor Who failed to receive a single nomination in the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards.

Though the show has usually been ignored, the mainstream media made much more noise this time around, proclaiming Jodie Whittaker’s first series as “groundbreaking”.

So the lack of any further acknowledgment is somewhat surprising.

Game of Thrones meanwhile broke records, earning a whopping 32 nods.

The BBC submitted Doctor Who for the following categories:

  • Best Drama Series
  • Best Drama Actress: Jodie Whittaker
  • Best Drama Supporting Actor: Tosin Cole, Bradley Walsh
  • Best Drama Supporting Actress: Mandip Gill
  • Best Writing (Drama): “Rosa”
  • Best Costumes (Fantasy/Sci-Fi): “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos”
  • Best Music Composition (Series): “Demons of the Punjab”
  • Best Production Design (Narrative Period/Fantasy, One-Hour or More) “The Ghost Monument”
So much for those glowing reviews from the press. Now if you'll pardon me a moment...

-steps off screen-

-sounds of maniacal laughter drift back into the shot-

Ahem.... Now, where were we?

Is there a single thread left you can load without wandering into OMG PC WOKE CRAP right wing vitriol?
Yeah, it's somewhat absurd people donated and put their time in just to keep this Dunning-Kruger circle-jerk alive...
Is there a single thread left you can load without wandering into OMG PC WOKE CRAP right wing vitriol?

I see you just looked at the title card of the video and blew a mental fuse. You should probably actually watch the video, because he makes some excellent points about how, if the Dr. Who crew really had found political messaging to be totally unavoidable, they could have handled it - and how Star Trek handled it better, far better, complete with episode references. In fact, many of the subjects that ST:TNG broached were way more controversial than the garbage Dr. Who Cares shoveled out this past season and because (unlike with Dr. Who Cares) the viewer wasn't constantly being slapped in the face with the equivalent of a week old trout that's been left in the sun to drive the writer's point home, it was better accepted and provoked thought and discussion instead of ridicule and scorn. For god's sake, people were trumpeting Dr. Who Cares' 'pioneering' adventure into transgenderism when back in 1990 ST:TNG was looking into "what is gender" and "what if you could choose your gender"! And if you go back to ST:TOS, they took on transgender and other gender issues in freaking 1969.

It should also be mentioned that over here on this side of the pond, the more left leaning are demanding very sanctimoniously and VERY LOUDLY that people/companies/etc "Get Woke". It's quite a widespread phenomenon here and it is quite irresistible to mock this noisy, annoying segment of the media. I have no idea what it's like over there in Europia, but the 'get woke' assholes (the ones telling us to get woke) are quite annoying - and of course the reaction to the annoyance is something you can put on your Youtube videos to get views. Still, despite the title card the guy does have some very cogent points, so give it a view.

Oh, and I see according to the checklist, I haven't dropped some woke ridicule on your Country Sedan thread. Pardon me a moment while I go do that. :p
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Doctor Who's never received an Emmy nomination before, Spectre. This is only the second time the BBC have bothered to enter it for consideration.
And the "send in your plotlines" stuff earlier's just a question from a survey that they put out every year - asking for fan feedback and what they'd like to see in the show. It's nothing out of the ordinary. You're buying into a lot of clickbait.

Aaaaaanyways did you guys know that Doctor Who once had a Top Gear parody? In the form of this audio drama:


I've just listened to it and it's in incredibly bad taste. It was published in 2008 and uses Hammond's dragster crash as a major plot point, and then makes the Clarkson-expy the saboteur that caused the accident. D:
Paper, like so many other awards like the Hugo, the Emmy has become increasingly meaningless as every year passes. Remember that Top Gear won the Emmy for Best Non-scripted Entertainment Show. While being highly and obviously scripted.

I just found it funny that there was a rather loud segment of fans that were claiming that the New! Woke! Dr. Who would at least get an Emmy nom in the areas of the internet I was seeing, because of all the 'groundbreaking' and 'pioneering' elements introduced in this run. (See my prior comments about how this run is anything but groundbreaking or pioneering, especially in the areas most claimed to be.) Only to get crushed by Game Of Thrones.

Their tears were delicious.
I'll just leave this here.....

Probably licensing issues. It's Jodie Whittaker covering Yellow by Coldplay for a charity album - you may find a different link on YouTube.

I heard it on the radio the other day. It's way better than you might expect.
That was wonderful. I love the fact that her accent really comes through, dead northern like. Great song choice too.

Edit: It's already on Spotify, in the UK at least. I just searched for Children In Need and it came up.
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New Tardis interior -

Personally I'd rather they focussed their efforts on the wishy-washy writing and got rid of the stupid "we need three companions to meet diversity quotas for age and race".

I rewatched "Blink" again the other day and it's still light years ahead of anything they've put out for at least the last three years.
I think they may have actually been listening to fans.

Last night's opener was pacy, ballsy and better than the last three seasons combined. I know that, as the saying goes, one swallow does not a summer make, but if they can keep up this standard then they may have just turned the show around.
I should get back to this, I haven’t watched the show since Karen Gillan was on. ?
Oh good to know! I need to get back into this series.
It really did feel like I was watching an episode of Doctor Who again, the previous series didn't really feel like that. However, and non-Brits won't get this, I'm not sure how I feel about Bradley Walsh and Lenny Henry in the same show. I've only just got over seeing Richard E. Grant in Star Wars.
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Both parts of the opener were a complete dopamine rush! Story was a little nonsensical but I loved watching them anyways.

The series arc this year looks mental, and makes me unnerved at the same time that they might cock it up. But I'm keeping cautiously optimistic.

Also, the
new Master
is excellent.
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