Doctor Who

Both parts of the opener were a complete dopamine rush! Story was a little nonsensical but I loved watching them anyways.

The series arc this year looks mental, and makes me unnerved at the same time that they might cock it up. But I'm keeping cautiously optimistic.
Welcome back.
Unrelated to the current season, but just saw this and lost it.

Sound on for full effect.
And we're back to our regular programming. Not impressed with tonight's episode.

When did Doctor Who become an outlet for environmental scaremongering? Aside from that the generic mutant monsters are apparently indestructible until right at the end when they're being shot down and apparently having a Tardis no longer allows you to arrive at the right place and time to rescue people.
Haven't seen today's episode, but having grown up in the 80s "environmental scaremongering" and "children's television" for me have always been the same thing.
I just watched the S12 season opener - both parts - and I must agree, this was waaaaay better than what we've seen the past few seasons. Apart from the promise of at least a recurring arc that looks interesting, the episodes in and of themselves were good, and contained a few things I rather liked.

  • The Doctor casually working on the Tardis using an auto lift.
  • Ada Lovelace. Mandatory thumbs-up from a computer scientist here. :)
  • All the take-that's at today's computer/online platform industry. Mandatory thumbs-up from a software engineer here. :)
  • The Inglorious Basterds reference, and also all the totally obvious spy movie shout-outs.
  • And last but not least, the new Master is great. Not as great as John Simm, but not that far behind.

having a Tardis no longer allows you to arrive at the right place and time to rescue people.
The Doctor always makes rather poor use of having a time machine, but otherwise the plots would be very unspectacular. In-universe, there's the explanation of the TARDIS having its own mind and taking the Doctor where it thinks he should be.
I had a dream last night that the BBC accidentally broadcast an episode of The Grand Tour in place of the finale for this series, and all the Doctor Who fans were in uproar that Jodie was now suddenly a fat 60-year-old man with pubes for hair...
I'm unsure about last weeks episode, after thinking hard to actually remember it I feel like the idea was good but was wasted in a short and pointless story that went nowhere. It was nice to see old characters (although I actually facepalmed when I heard Barrowman's voice) but once again it felt like they were wasted, they could've been any previous characters and it would've made no difference whatsoever. Tinglings of BBC PC-ness but I won't dwell on it unless we see the Doctor in a wheelchair at some point... it was part of the mystery of the story after all.

Anyway I've been back to watch some episodes from season 9 over the last couple of weeks, I needed a Capaldi and Coleman fix. I watched the first two two-parters, The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar followed by Under the Lake and Before the Flood. The former written by Steven Moffat and the latter by Toby Whithouse. I felt that both stories were far better than most of what we have seen recently and while the Moffat story was written purely for Capaldi (riding a tank with an electric guitar or riding around in Davros' chair with a cup of tea wouldn't quite fit Whittaker) the Whithouse story could've easily been with the thirteenth Doctor and it would've been just as good.

I do think that Missy was a much better character than our recent Master, I'm not sure if we'll see him again but he certainly doesn't have the same presence as she did, I think my favourite scene of hers is when she casually pushes Clara down the hole in the Dalek sewers to see how deep it is.
Things are back to normal, Doctor Who is preaching to us again. In a very strange way this time.

Going back to Dan's post above, why was it decided that she can fly in millisecond-perfect to save this doofus when she allowed Kane and Bella to die in a much less time-sensitive situation? Also what happened to Aramu? Nobody even noticed he was dead so what happened to his body? Poor bloke.

Also, going back to the old episodes, I think the theme music from 'Before the Flood' is my favourite.

Spoiler/Geek Alert! If you haven't seen the last episode of the latest Doctor Who series stop reading now!!

Given the revelation about the Doctor's origins and the news that the Christmas special will feature the Daleks I'm wondering if it will transpire that the Dalek hatred, particularly of the Time Lords, derives from them being mutant Gallifreyans who reacted adversely to the gene splicing which aimed to make them virtually immortal?

It would make sense and then Skaro becomes the planet to which they were exiled by their peers.
^That would certainly make sense. This is a very brave move anyway, changing the entire canon of the series and messing with the story of Matt Smith's Doctor.

I'm not sure about this season, I feel like it was better than last time but Chibnall still missed the mark more than he hit it. For example, I can't believe there was a story that involved fleeing into a tunnel, just like in the last season. I still didn't like his version of The Master, played by Sacha Dhawan.

Speaking of Dhawan, I also found while randomly looking back at episodes of The Deep that he was in that too and looking much younger. At least until he had a big dose of radiation, anyway.
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