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Does anyone know what happened to the Joss?


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Jul 1, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
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The Joss was meant to be Australia's first ever proper supercar. Using a specially developed V8 and a superlight body with very clever aerodynamics and weighing in under 1000kg fully wet, it would have been a rocket.

I saw it at the Melbourne motorshow, and it was a fantastic looking thing.


But now they aren't updating the news section of their website, it hasn't been updated since December last year. Has anyone heard or read anything? Or is the project now stillborn?
Good question :think: It was on the Car Show and I think the company is really strapped for cash atm....who knows what'll happen to it. Isnt it a shame how good Aussie supercars never end up happening like the HRT427 :(
fbc said:
It would be very sad if commercial realities have killed it off.

Yeah, the news section said that in September last year they were close to finalising investment in the project. Maybe that fell through?
The styling lets me down a bit, the backend scares the crap outta me, but who cars if it goes really really fast.
sure the styling is a bit supercar-standard, but it's all fairly function over form. and it doesn't look as good in the photos as it does in real life. When i saw it, it was less than 10m from a Carrera GT, and parked next to each other, the Joss is almost as stunning. Big call, i know, but it is a nice looking car.
There was a model being tested a while ago... saw some video from a Saab tuner - who was tracking his car at the same time - and it was looking good. The saab had about 800hp so it could keep up on the straights... but fwd in the corners. :?

Last time I saw an article about it the list prices were starting to skyrocket... I do hope its still alive. I think the concept, a basic fast car thats not that flash, is a great idea. Sigh... it shall be missed.

It's sad but it seems like they didn't have enough backing if everything's just gone silent..

Was meant to have 500bhp and 480lb/ft. Nice.
I would think that in this situation a "no news is good news' kind of approach is needed. If the company really has run out of capital and is going to the great car yard in the sky, don't you think they would have posted something about that on their website, or that the website would have closed down?

Building is car is hard and it takes a long time...just ask Bugatti :mrgreen: I fully expect the joss to reach at least production if not commercial success, and i'd rather they take their time and produce a great car than rush it and produce a crap car.
Bren, I hope to god you are right. But considering the frequency of news updates, then all of a sudden silence, that has me worried. The website is still up and kicking though, so they are still paying for webhosting...