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Does woman drive well?


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Feb 10, 2005
I dont know you guys but at least here in Guatemala specially if they are talking on the cell phone and doing her make up! is horrible
Actually my Girlfriend drives quite well... And she only has a license for half a year now...

Off course I haven't told her that... She is already going quite fast.

It is scientifically proven that men can drive cars better at parking and navigating.
I saw a dcoumentary about it on Discovery Channel, certain parts of the mens brain are bigger than the womens and those areas are for "locating" something like that, can't come up with the right word. With parking in reverse men genetacilly have more skills because they can locate themselfs on the street near the curb and can coordinate their moves better.

Most bad drivers here are older men and women (+70) and mostly moms...
I think there is good women drivers.... but I think they are doing so much stuff beside driving in the car.. that is the problem
Women are only good for one thing :mrgreen:
hahahahahhaahahhahahhahaha I can think of a couple more.... ups no... is al the same :woot:
They can be good drivers, but when they multitask is when I start to get nervous. My mom is good when driving is all she is doing, but when she is drinking coffee with one hand, on the phone with the other and steering with her knees while looking at a note on the dashboard, I grab onto a handle and hold on tight. She also has a nasty habit of not paying attention to the road while she is at a light or in stop and go traffic, so I have to tell her to move again.
I'm really not that good at parking.. nor at navigating..

and I drive not that well either, bit fast sometimes, and I like high G's turns.. my passengers don't :lol:
I can't speak for all girls but my sisters can't drive for beans. They crashed my 3 wheeler, the Seadoo, the lawn mowers, etc.
kenezzite said:
Women are only good for one thing :mrgreen:

What about cleaning house too?

I'm joking of course, my wife would kill me if she heard me say that!!
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
I can't speak for all girls but my sisters can't drive for beans. They crashed my 3 wheeler, the Seadoo, the lawn mowers, etc.

Don't let them get near of your Diecast collection...
My mom is actually a really good driver. She drives safely and always pays attention to the road and the cars around her. My dad on the other hand... :lol:
I've ecountered a lot of bad women drivers but then again I've seen a lot more
bad male drivers. Such is the problem with generalizations! Women CAN drive well if properly schooled and experienced. Same thing goes for men! :D
There were famous female rally drivers in the 70's.

Motorsports is more challenging to women because they are physically weaker than men . . . generally.
My sister is fairly good at driving, hell she was the one who mainly taught me how to drive, my mother on the other hand, eek.
in the 80's there was an awesme female driver in rallys I dont remember her name right now.... but she drove for Audy!... I think the problem is that woman are to emotional... :?
yeah Mich?le Mouton was amazing and she drove the Group B Audi S4 if thats not proof that girls can drive damned if i know what is

Group B drivers are my heros
Is the only one, that is the problem... I think, if there where more like her... the world would be a better place. 8)