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Dont even know what to call this :)


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Oct 4, 2004
Here's the thing. I needed some new fonts, so i downloaded a whole package with 400+ fonts in a rar file. Unfortunatelly, each font has its own folder. To install the fonts in one step, i need to have them all in one single folder. Since there are 400+ fonts (hence folders), im not really willing to copy paste each single font out of its folder.

Question is, is there some way i can copy out the fonts from all those folders into one big folder with one step? (windows & windows explorer people i need your help) :)
do a search on all the folders for the extention of the font, and they you can cut/copy them all at once ;)
A convenient way is to install a font Installing Software...Google Font Installer and you'll get a list of Software to help you out.