Don't steal cars in Calgary. CSI will track you down.


Looks like he went...BEYOND the point of no return!

Fucking fatty bastard scum* got what he deserved, I'm glad there's a happy ending to this story. :cheers: to those guys.

On another note, I find it awesome that you can roll around in old Skylines. Maybe I really should move to Vancouver someday...

*And his girlfriend's just as fat and ugly! Man, I love schadenfreude.
BCS- Great work on the image enhancement! Was just scrolling through reading, noticed the clearer image, then saw your name and was like "Hey i know that guy!"

Yeah, i am only on like page 5 :p,but still interesting stuff.

PS: <3 Power Wheelchair lady, that threads making my day, ...eerrr night
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What a sweet conclusion to that story. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Berserker. I was following the story last night and it was 15 pages, today it was over 50 with hundreds more diggs.
Man, that's freakin awesome.

It even got news coverage! There's some epic claw p'shops in the thread.

Wow, don't fuck with cars in calgary. I remember when you let us know about the RSX thread. These guys will catch you.

Props to everyone who helped out. Great work!