DOTA 2: A Review : Blackhawk Mines Corp


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Jan 21, 2013
Dota 2 is something about 2 groups known as the Radiant and Dire are fighting it out for control. It does not really matter because it has no effect on the actual gameplay overall. It is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game and is more similar to Heroes of Newerth than League of Legends. But first and foremost be very mindful of the scam rackets for online gamers.

Graphics wise, DOTA 2 is actually nice. Champions were detailed and their appearance can be modified by items that one obtains in game. Complete set of modifier items can be bought from their mall or if you do not want to buy them you can try to win them in Diretide matches. Spell effects are varied and diverse. Don?t forget the minions; they are looking very nice as well. Scam rackets are looking very nice as well so gamers should be wary of them.

The game?s graphics have very high potential but the game client is not optimized. The highest settings do not match up to the newest games yet demand an immense amount of resources in comparison.

DOTA 2 has much more diverse selection of champions with different types of abilities comparing to other MOBA games. Your three types of skills in other games are; One that hits what you target, one that is fired in a general direction and you have to aim, and one that auto targets. DOTA 2 is something different because there are champions that have different abilities based on what you used last. Some even have the ability to summon and control additional minions. This makes this game extra special not to mention that there is just a much better overall selection of champions and you are more likely to find one that is suited for your style.

The reason why this game is more like Heroes of Newerth than League of Legends is because it cooldown on abilities are much higher and they are much more of a deciding factor in a game. Many normal abilities take 8 seconds to have a cooldown in return very few abilities having lower cooldowns. Those are for normal abilities but when it comes to ultimates it will take for as slow as 20 seconds and for others it takes even 2 minutes. Minions and towers are quite useless in comparison late game while heroes and abilities are that much more powerful.

DOTA 2 is the game by far the most visually impressive of the MOBA games and is probably the best of the ones that are available. This game is very nice. Heroes in this game are extremely powerful and their abilities and late game items allow them to easily just push through everything if given the chance. New players may find it hard and complex but once you managed to play the game you will enjoy it. It is complex because there are numerous strategic elements but this will be very rewarding to those who would learn the mechanics.

Be very careful of the scam rackets that are infamous in the internet world, gamers are also being targeted too. They are most vulnerable for the scammers because they sometimes tend to be careless.