Doug's track car is for sale


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Mar 28, 2015
Southern Ohio, USA
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My friend Doug just HAS to have at least one major project going. He's one of those self-taught guys who isn't afraid to tackle almost anything. Before he retired, he owned and operated a welding/fabrication business that served the local railroad shops and quite a few other customers in 'heavy' industry. He's been an SCCA racer and autocrosser as long as I've known him.

Several years ago, he picked up a used Thunder Roadster and immediately began modifying it into a weekend track car. There were several iterations while he sorted out what he liked and didn't like - and honed his body-work skills. He'd never tackled a project that needed a custom body, but as the project progressed, he just wasn't satisfied with the modifications he'd made to the car and just decided that he could do better. The body took several years to develop, but I think he did a darn good job for someone who'd never before attempted body design. Doug's surname being Crawford, he dubbed the car 'the Crawdini'.

Here's a link to the Bring-A-Trailer auction:

I posted a comment on this one as 'RallyDave' (an on-line name that I used before I adopted SquareLeft), noting that I'd driven the car and had a good time with it. Finally, don't be worried about his hands being idle... he and his son have a couple of other projects brewing. And, another of our friends (who's much closer to Doug than me) has just purchased a Datsun 240Z vintage racer and is jumping into a full rebuild of it before it sees the track... and I'm sure Doug will be elbow-deep in that project, too!

That thing looks mental, also great fun. I feel ashamed that I hadn't realised that your username was a rally reference.
Matt2000;n3550100 said:
I feel ashamed that I hadn't realised that your username was a rally reference.

Don't feel bad! The choice was intentional - screen names with 'Dave' in them were getting scarce and I wanted something without an 'in-your-face' rally reference that I could use on any forum. Some friends and I were having a discussion about the now-pervasive trend of assigning numbers to describe the tightness of turns (which I don't care for...). We were talking about the 'old' terms and I realized that I'd always liked the description 'square' to indicate a 90 degree turn. At about that same time, I needed a screen name for a new forum - and the rest is history! :p
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Are you also left handed?
GRtak;n3550163 said:
Are you also left handed?

No; but I am a not-too-hip old guy and, politically, a progressive - which DID play a part in the choice. :D
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Just for the record, the car sold on June 15th for $6,200.00 - someone got a great deal!