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download limit


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Apr 5, 2005
Adelaide - Australia
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can anyone tell me where you can check your limit like how much you have used and how much u can still use

my internet is by TPG if that helps
1.5kb/s 20gig limit
sorry man not that i want to know how much of my limit i have left until it goes 56k on me
sorry but if i start it now then it wont measure what ive already used will it?
im 14 is that bad
cookie720 said:
sorry but if i start it now then it wont measure what ive already used will it?

No, but it will be usefull the next months(you can set it to reset every month). Also, a lot of firewalls keep track of your bandwith. You could also try Netlimiter (main purpose is to limit bandwith of programs seperatly, but it also keeps track of transfer rates). And if you have a transfer limit, you should check your ISP's site.
you should be able to check with your isp site... thats what I'm doing now... I'm at 9gigs now... once i hit 10, I have 56k.... lol, but I start at 0 again on 4th :D
andyhui01 said:
you should be able to check with your isp site...
That's what I do also.
Once I bust my monthly limit they charge me per Gig of transfer. :oops:
But I also busted it only once so... :p
overheat said:
I just pay a little more for unlimited ;)

thats not the prob. we have here in Aus... over here I have an unlimited connection as well... but somehow on the TAC, they mentioned that after i downloaded 10gb, they will cap my connection down to 56k
Well that kinda makes the "unlimited" statement fucked up, doesn't it?

I do have "real" unlimited, thank god for that
My usage since i installed that program (about 12H ago ;) )
Cosworth said:
I'm on 11.8 GB's of 12GB's ... :cry:

J? utilizou 101,05 % do seu limite de tr?fego
( 20,21 Gigabytes de um total de 20 Gigabytes )

I think there's no translation needed. :mrgreen:

Oh, ?1,75 for every 100MB. :wall:

I mean, I only have a 1024/128 connection, but that's easyly 5 gig a day... Sometimes, back in the old days with the tvtorrents site, I had 122 kb/s straight for 2 days, when I had some catching up to do...
I wonder what I will do with my soon to arrive 6012/512 unlimited...

i went over my 36gig total limit yesterday... on 20k since then, been dl stuff like crazy ;-)... but cannot browse the web though......

As far as TPG is concerned i dont know. but a good place to check would be their website > goto your TPG account management. look there