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Download won't start? Stays Queued...


Dec 31, 2004
Trying to d/l December 4th's episode with Azureus. It won't start...just stays queued. I can't "force start" it either, that option is faded, (you know, when you can't click on it?).

Ideas? I need my fix!

TIA. :)
Just downloaded ABC. It's working with this program for some reason. The d/l speed isn't as fast as I'm used to with Azureus, (can't fathom why), but at least I'll have the ep in a few hours.

I'm still curious why Azureus would not allow me to force start the d/l though...any suggestions would still be welcome.

Thanks again.
Nobody will help you with that stupid Nick...
Just try BitComet or uTorrent, they support DHT and the Torrents should speed up a little bit...

Thanks. Can't wait for tomorrows's ep. Should be amazing...maybe the best ever? We'll see! :mrgreen:
Use uTorrent, BitComet blows. ;)