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Downloaded tg but cant play


New Member
Jun 20, 2005

I just downloaded the Season 6 ep 3 TG and it had finished d/ling. But the Format of the d/load is still torrent. Why ? and how can i get this to play ?

I have tried renaming the .avi etc


The file should be a .avi, you're correct in that, but you're also looking for a ~350Mb file. You need to look in your bittorrent clients preferences and see where it downloaded the .avi to. If you don't like where it downloaded to, nows the time to change it and you'll know where it goes from now on :)
Hope that helps.
Yeah i know where is goes to etc. But the 348 Mb downloaded file does not want to associate it1s self to a program. Tried using Virtual Dub to extract the vid and audio, that worked. But...., the audio only worked for half of the top gear episode.
And do you know if you gave the XviD codec? :)
Yeah i have everything needed.

Re downloaded the top gear episode and it works perfectly.

Thanks for your prompt help anyways.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help, but glad to see you've got it working :)