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Downloading from behind a Router / Firewall


Oct 27, 2004
Tasmania, Australia
I'm trying to download from behind a router which appears to be a firewall as well.

It doesn't appear to have any software supporting it, and I'm guessin gthat is what is causing my slower than average downloads.

Hat can I do / need to do, to get a quicker downloada and how do I do that. Yeah, i'm a newbie to BT downloads BTW.
No software supporting it? How does it work? You need to try and forward the ports - but I'm not exactly sure how to do that, seeing as I don't have a router or a firewall. But this has been a common prob, so hopefully you can get it sorted out.
Temporarily try to hook up your computer directly to the internet connection without having the router inbetween it to see if it makes any difference in speed.
What's the make and model of your router?
Does it say anything in the manual or on their website?
I've switched over to connect to the modem instead of the hub or router, so i'll see if it makes much difference. I can't try for too long because I loose access to the network (other than the internet) when I connect it directly.

The unit itself is a Netgear FVS318 if that helps at all.
This one?

Some stuff here might be helpful:

Software for routers is generally in the hardware box itself.
Normally they can be accessed by using a web browser.
The router itself should have an ip address (for example and if you type something like in your web browser, you might get something.

Edit: It appears that these are the instructions for port forwarding for your router:
Yup, that's the one.

I'll have a read through those pages and see if I can figure something out. Speed doesn't seem to be any different connexted straight to the modem, but it does seem to be steadier.

I'll see how I go :wink:
Speed is heaps better just connected to the modem, more around the 15 kb/s mark initially, might have to leave it downloading overnight connected there instead :lol: :lol: :lol:
Phoenix said:
Speed is heaps better just connected to the modem, more around the 15 kb/s mark initially, might have to leave it downloading overnight connected there instead :lol: :lol: :lol:
just do the portforwarding stuff and stay behind the router. If you connect your pc directly to your modem your an easy prey for hackers... and if your not fully patched youre an easy prey for viruses as well.
That's what I'm planning to do, i'm very uncomfortable about leaving the computer unprotected. It is fully patched at the moment though, so that is a relief.

I'm having trouble finding the router. I've found the IP for the modem and have gotten in to look at it's settings (in the same method described above, but different IP, but I can't find the IP for the router / firewall. I'll have to keep searching for it I guess.

Best speed overall that I saw whilst bypassing the router was still only 30 kb/s, but that's pretty good for me :lol:
I thought, after a quick burst of good activity, nothing.

I've set the ports available in the router and torrentstorm to a set of 40 ports, but i'm still getting slow DL's. Do I need more ports open, or have I gotten some of the IP settings wrong perhaps.

Damn, looking back at this thread I look like such a whiner :( . I'm just trying to get this to work properly
How slow are your speeds, and how long are you waiting before deciding the speeds are too slow? BitTorrent takes a very long time to "warm up" in terms of download speed. It depends on the tracker I think, but sometimes I'll have to leave a torrent going for 10-15 minutes before it will get up to 100-150kb a sec.
Well the best i've ever seen (after being on for about an hour) was 30 kb/s.

I've currently only got 1.8 DL and about 10 UL.

You're probably right though, i'm probably too impatient :oops:

the only setting i'm not sure of is the LAN Server IP Address in the ports setup on the router. I've got that set as my own computer as there is no dedicated "Server" on the system persay. it's a peer 2 peer network really.
I just had a look at the router security log and found heaps of messages like this.

Wed, 10/27/2004 19:17:33 - TCP connection dropped - Source:, 6885, WAN - Destination:, 17410, LAN - 'Suspicious TCP Data'
Wed, 10/27/2004 19:17:49 - TCP connection dropped - Source:, 11337, WAN - Destination:, 17667, LAN - 'Establish TCP Abnormally'
Wed, 10/27/2004 19:59:44 - TCP connection dropped - Source:, 6881, WAN - Destination:, 17535, LAN - 'Suspicious TCP Data'

i'm guessing this is why i'm not getting much of a data rate, but how do I fix it :?
Do you have the ports set to forward to your computer's IP address yet (note: not the IP address your network has on the Internet, the IP of your specific computer - such as
Ok, i'm tearing my hair out here. I've directed the ports to my IP, i've set up the router so it should work as per all of your help above, but i'm still getting poor DL rates (Usually < 0.9 kb/s) and i'm getting a yellow LED indication on any files downloading in torrentstorm. by the program help that means

Yellow - The downloader has not received any incoming connections.

This may be due to your computer being behind a firewall or router which is blocking the incoming connections. TorrentStorm will work ok in this state, but if you can enable access for incoming connections, this will improve your download rates

any thoughts, or should I just give it up now. Maybe I should switch back to ABC from Torrentstorm :?