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Jun 16, 2007
I think we need thread dedicated to alcohol. So, what's your poison of choice?

Edit: forgot to add my own!
Beer - Amstel, Killians, Heineken, Baltika, Yuengling, Bass. Can't beat steel reserve for value
Spirits - Jack Daniels, Belvenie, Glenfiddich, Knob Creek; Absolut, Stoli
White russians are the only mixed drink I'll ever have
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Daily drinking: Newcastle
At the pub: Anything so black it absorbs all the light in the room
With dinner (not pub-faire) - Red wine, especially Pinot Noir, Merlot and Sangiovese (AKA Chianti)
Beer - too many to count Dogfishead Raison d' etere
Spirits - dunno really,
Miked Drinks - G&T or Scotch and Coke

EDIT: I'm with you on the pub drinks, blind
Beer- Sam Adams or Killian's

Liquor- Jack Daniel's

Mix- Jager-bombs
Well old faithful will always be Yuengling Lager, but I'm currently going through a very nice Guinness phase, I can't get enough of it.
Baileys, Tia Maria, Martini, Scotch, wine
Beer: Warsteiner for a treat, Killian's for a cheap brew
Liquor: Rum. Scotch is good too
Mixed: Haven't really had many mixed drinks to be honest
Beer: I'm currently on an IPA kick, but brown ales are always a good change of scenery.
Wine: Whites are best as flavoring for water, and I stick to red zinfandels, shirazes, cabernets, and the occasional pinot noir.
Liquor: Any good whiskey, be it bourbon, canadian, TN, scotch, or irish.
Mixed: G&T, vodka martini, any other straightforward mixed drinks. There is a time and place for things like daquiris though.
I'm new to drinking myself, just turned 21 a few weeks ago.
Liquor: Top shelf Vodka, don't know why but i'm better at drinking Vodka then i am wine.

Beer:I remember liking some Lienenkugel that tasted like apples, but besides that i don't know much about beer. Bud Light tastes like melted saltines and i dispise it!!

Wine:Asti Tosti isn't bad, I'm still a bit shy towards wine as i seem to overreact when i swollow it (feels like swallowing really bad cough medicine.)

Mixed: So far my favorite mixed drink would be Olive Gardens Tiramisu mixed drink. Maybe it sounds weird but it is UNBELIEVABLY good. Pomegranate Margaritas (Buffalo Wild Wings) seems damn good as well, BWW also seems to use some sweetened salt, tastes more like salty sugar then sugary salt, whatever it is i always like the rim like a retard it tastes so good.
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Mixed: Flaming Lamborghini
I thought only Pugeots and Citroens did that?
Typically if I'm going to drink alcohol, then it will be beer. Budweiser brands are my weapon of choice. If it's liqour then I'll drink whatever is put infront of me. I don't do wine or anything like that. But at times I'm guilty of drinking a girly type drink, and those are normally an Amareto Stone Sour. I just made this one a little while ago.

Beer: Lots of stuff, but my favorites are Franziskaner, Erdinger, Brand UP, Jupiler, Duvel, La Chouffe, Gueuze Boon, Liefmans Kriek, and about a dozen others i'm probably forgetting right now.
Wines: Spicy, fruity red wine, like Chilean/ Australian Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignon, and Spanish Tempranillo wines, and lots of other stuff depending on the occasion and what it will be accompanying.
Spirits: Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, with a slight preference for the Isles over Highland over Lowland, The Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt Whiskey, aged brown rum (currently there's a bottle of 7 yo Havana Club Cuban rum in my liquor cabinet), Sambuca, Amaretto, good Cognac, and sometimes good vodka.
Mixes: Caipirinha without soda, margaritas, Cuba Libre (only time i drink cola)
^ well that explains alot. With a selection like that are you ever sober?

Remember, kids: Don't drink and internet.
Well, since i have no beer or wine currently in house, just some 5 bottles of whiskey and a bottle of rum, yeah i'm sober right now :p
Average shelf life of a bottle of whiskey lies between 4 and 8 months after opening :)
thats a loooong time, a bottle to myself'll only last a few weeks. Jack Daniels single barrel ftw
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I'm not a huge beer fan.

With meals, I drink wine. White wines with fish meals, red (Bordeaux!) elsewise, with rose only if there's nothing else in the house.
Down le bar, it's wine or more likely cider (or cocktails or mixers, if I'm rich).

As I'm a student, however, much of my alcohol comes from spirits. I like amaretto, apple-based spirits and many more.
I am on a Lienenkugels kick right now. Bought a twelve pack of Honey Weiss, it will take me about two month to finish.