Drink up!

Beer - Probably Anchor Steam, Newcastle, but mostly and definitely Corona Extra.
Wine - Not really a fan, but don't mind it
Liquor - Don't like shots with the exception of absinthe. I love good ol' rum & coke.
Beer: newcastle
Liquor: goldschlager forsure.. :)
Wine: not hit my wine phase yet
Beer - Heineken, Guinness, and Bass are the most favorites.
Wine - I stick mostly to whites because they taste good for the cheap price I'm paying but last night I had a Raven's Wood Old Vine Zinfandel that was by far the best red wine I've ever had and probably the best wine I've had no matter the color.
Spirits - I don't really drink them alone much but Scotch is alright for when I do.
Mixed - I'll have to say Gin & Tonic, I'm going through a long experiment of trying different kinds of Gin one at a time. Gin is my favorite alobohol and I could probably drink it by it's self if I had to or wanted to, some brands of Gin are better for this than others though.
Beer: Old Speckled Hen, Bombadier or John Smiths Cask at the pub.

Don't do spirits or wine.
Beer - Magic Hat, Blue Point, Blue Moon. Magic Hat is my favorite and Blue Moon since they usually have sales :)

Spirits - Patron, Jack Daniels, and any type of vodka...the most versatile liquor.

Mixed Drinks - Cuba Libre, Vodka Soda/Tonic with lime.
Beer: depends on the mood, really. I mostly like(or used to like) rolling rock, but i dont think it tastes as good anymore. Nowadays I occasionally enjoy Guinness stout, Hacker pschorr, Blue Moon, and I love a good Christian Moerlein. OTR lager or oktoberfest ftw.

Wine: normally i hate wine, but i love Asti. Mother-in-Law got me hooked on it.

Liquor: normally im not big on straight liquor, but i guess i would have to say barenjager, i try to avoid schnapps because i always somehow get sick on it, but i do like some dark rums, and whiskey. I do like top shelf Vodkas but i havent really found one i like straight.

Mixed: Scotch & Seven/Sprite...for some reason it's gotta be mixed with Lauders for me. Top Shelf Long Island Iced Teas!, a concoction called a 'painkiller' that's basically alot of gin and clear rum with coconut iirc. I love daquiris, and Margaritas, but i really think i need some more top-shelf tequilla, because half the time the aftertaste is like hot barf to me...
Beer: Old Speckled Hen

You know, there is a great story behind the name of that beer. It was named after an MG nicknamed "The Old Speckled 'Un" because of it unusual paintjob.

Old Speckled Hen, a special beer for the Abingdon factory.
One of the sponsors of the event, brewers Morland, exhibited this replica car. In 1927, M.G. produced a one off prototype - a four seater saloon with a fabric body painted gold and curiously stippled with black. The car was kept as a run-around when the factory moved to Abingdon in 1929. The car's disitinctive colouring led locals to name it 'Old Speckled Un'. Word of mouth changed this over time to 'Old Speckled Hen'.

In 1979 M.G. celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Abingdon factory and to commemorate the event asked Morland to brew a special beer. In fond memory of the old factory car, Morland named the new ale 'Old Speckled Hen'.

Today M.G. enthusiasts still endorse the link with 'Old Speckled Hen' and every year over 100 M.G. cars gather at the old factory site to take part in the 'Old Speckled Hen' Tour around Oxfordshire.
I am on a Lienenkugels kick right now. Bought a twelve pack of Honey Weiss, it will take me about two month to finish.

Really?? I bought a case of 24 bottles when I went to the beach and managed to finish it (and then some) down there in the 7 days. I love the Honey Weiss in the summer cause it's a great, light, summer beer. I was at a store the other day and saw a Berry Weiss, never had it but certainly want to try it.:cool:
You know, there is a great story behind the name of that beer. It was named after an MG nicknamed "The Old Speckled 'Un" because of it unusual paintjob.

I immediately respect any beer named after a car. :clap:

Got any more where that came from?
If you're looking to try a new bourbon, I strongly suggest W.L. Weller's Special Reserve.
7 yr. old and smooth as silk (and it leans towards the sweet side)
I wonder if I can find that in Australia.
Beer: Gambrinus, Staropramen, Pilsner Urquell, I also like Bavarian Weizen beers, like Franziskaner etc. but they're a bit hard to get hold of here, so I usually settle for Hoegaarden.
Wine: I prefer dry wines. I like red a bit more than white - preferably French. When I drink white wine, I usually go for a local one.
Spirits: I'm not a big fan of spirits but I like schnapps, preferably pear.
Mixed: G&T
Anyone here care for long island iced teas?

I just had some with my friends at Dave and Busters and it was pretty good.
I do but theres a law here saying bars can only put so many different liquors in a drink... i think its 5. Anyways I havent had a real one in a while.
I experienced moonshine for the first time last night. It was quite an experience. And apparently I'm really good with it because everyone else in the group of older more seasoned drinkers were coughing and making the liquor face like crazy and I just downed it like it was water.
I love beer, I just haven't tried enough to proclaim myself an expert. My weapon of choice is mostly Sam Adams (BOSTON REPRESENT), and Miller Lite for cheap beer.

My mixed drink preferences are whiskey and cokes, mojitos, and mainly Amaretto Sours. Irish Car Bombs when I feel like a frat boy :p and Kahlua and milk for when I'm not.