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Drinking Session in England. (London or South)

Manic Moran

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Jun 23, 2005
San Francisco, CA
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Right lads...

Since I'm winging my way over in that direction for a couple of weeks for an officer's exchange, I thought I might see about setting up some sort of inter-forum drinking session.

My schedule is still up in the air, and I think I'm looking at spending most of my time in the Bovington area (And there will definitely be a gathering there: At least two of the fora I'm on are tank-appreciators and we will be visiting the museum), but would be surprised if I'm not spending an evening in London at some point.

This will occur between Sept 17 and Oct 2.

If interested on being kept abreast of details as they're hammered out, drop me a PM with your email address in it.

The London date is still up in the air, but the Bovington one (Incl RAC Museum) is looking like Sat 25th. (Or whatever date the Sat is)

Sounds cool, for people in the UK of course. Do we have lots of british members?
I don't know. By the astounding lack of response so far, I guess not!

Fortunately, some of the other fora are coming through... :)

maybe people aren't interested because they don't know you..

I mean, if it was me, we'd have a line up of people willing to kiss my feet :lol:
Renesis said:
I mean, if it was me, we'd have a line up of people willing to kiss my feet :lol:
of course, I'm sure all british members would gladly do that to ask you not to come to their land :p