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Driven: Maserati MC12


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Meet the car the Ferrari Enzo pretended to be: not a car with racetrack technology for the heck of it, but a car with racetrack technology to go racing. 4Car's John Simister gets an exclusive drive:



Saw it at the Detroit show...god what a good looking car. I love it.
but isn't this car more exclusive and quicker than the enzo... its basically a Street legal track car...
that car looks so nice, especially compared with the enzo
the enzo is for rich people who wants to show off... this Maserati on the other hand is purely for car enthusiasts... normal people would never know what a Maserati MC12 is :D
omg it's beautiful!
Jostyrostelli: buy one for me, Thanks! :D
If it's so great, why is it so much slower than the Enzo @ top speed? 205mph, while the Enzo has been pushed to 228mph (official top speed is 219mph) :bangin:
/\ You wouldn't think that Ferrari would give all their technology to use in a Maserati?

Besides this car has to be able to go racing, so it has to go somewhat by the rulebook. I don't think it's better car than Enzo engineering-wise, but looks wise there's no competition between the two.
enzo still looks way better, but this might drive better. who really knows, i cant try either :lol:
jason.....the mojority loves the MC12...man its tite...it G-UNIT!!!! :lol: