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Driven: Nissan 350Z S-Tune S2


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Andrew Frankel's last road test for 4Car was the 252mph Bugatti Veyron. He didn't call me from the cockpit to enthuse frothily about the wonderfulness of it all, which didn't surprise me. This is, after all, the man responsible for the first-ever road test of the McLaren F1. In fact, there isn't an important supercar on the planet that he hasn't had a proper old thrash in, so Frankel's oh-my-god threshold is rather higher than average.

So imagine my surprise when he did call from the cockpit of a Nissan with the simple command that I "simply must drive this car. It's amazing." Really?

Really. It's Nissan's NISMO 350Z S-Tune GT, a car that Nissan Motorsport International (NISMO) created to celebrate the company's success in the Japanese Touring Car Championship. Just a handful have been produced, with one of them finding its way onto the UK press fleet.

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That looks awesome. Almost 300bhp!

Oh I love the 350Z and they just made it better!! That should be a pretty balanced ride I assume...nice!
Nice car...good taste too! :thumbsup:

only a fish needs front flippers like that. and that rear spoiler comes out to far
And it's still not as good as the old R34 GT-R. *shrugs* I've never liked the 350 at all.
Looks good to me, the stock 350 is starting to get a little bit boring to me. I like it better when it has a spoiler.
Naturally, we dumb, fat Americans won't get it... :roll:
BlaRo said:
Naturally, we dumb, fat Americans won't get it... :roll:
Well of course not, there's no way we'd fit in the seats. :lol:
isnt 300hp not that far from the standard one? the anniversary addition had 300hp.
You can get almost everything you need to build yourself an "S-tune" by buying the appropriate Nismo parts.
Those ready-made Nismo cars have all the goodies installed already. You can buy the parts seperately and build one yourself!

It's pretty amazing how much better these cheap Japanese cars become with a little bit of aftermarket parts.

Yes, this S-tuned car has about the same power as stock.
However, I'm sure it'll feel faster because throttle response (among other things) would be improved by the changes they made.