DriveTribe = $16m Money Pit


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If nothing else, their US marketing was sparse and abysmal and the UK alone wouldn’t have enough interested persons to keep such a large and expensive to run site afloat.


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Stumbling in late, I know.

I played around with it for a while, but I just didn't really see the point. It's an interesting concept, but not a lot going on in the way of real content. I was hoping it would be a clearing house for automotive news, spy shots, etc from various sources, but that never came to be. The DT format is geared more towards original content, which is fine, but the vast majority of us are content consumers, not creators.

The fact that they required facebook to log in was a major turn off to me. I did end up creating an account just for DT, but quickly forgot all my details and could not log back in. Finally they ditched that log in scheme and I created a new account without facebook.