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Driving Impression: TVR Tuscan Convertible (2005)


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Buying a TVR has always been considered to be something of a gamble. Without the quality control systems and enormous research and development budgets of a global brand like BMW, the Blackpool-based marque has always relied on the passion it invokes in its fans to convince people to buy into the brand.

It's a passion that must run very deep in Russian millionaire Nikolai Smolenski: In July 2004, the 25-year-old took the ultimate gamble and bought the company outright.

As predicted, the last 15 months haven't been plain sailing for TVR's new owner. One of Smolenski's first moves was to hire former McLaren director (and disappointed TVR bidder) Nigel Gordon-Stewart to help come up with a viable business plan. His strategy was based around a new state-of-the-art factory, outsourced body construction and an emissions-friendly V8 engine. Shortly after, Gordon-Stewart was sacked. He is now suing the company.

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the manliest, actual convertible in the world!
damn, now thats what I'm talking about....whooaawwwww yeeaaah...YeEEEeeEeeE HaaAAaA...hottness 8)

No really, why is this car soo damn hott!